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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This classic greasy spoon diner is located inside a King West convenience store

If you're on trendy King West—home of a growing number of spas, doggie daycares and, um, doggie spas—just head to the UFO restaurant for a refreshingly unpretentious dining experience.

This place is an old-school diner tucked inside the Three Star convenience store at 241 Niagara Street at Adelaide. There's a flimsy plywood wall separating the restaurant tables from the rows of Glad garbage bags, cat food and Easy-Off.

This place is a family-friendly, and it's also popular with police and construction workers, who come in the back door for breakfast.

The UFO has a classic greasy spoon menu. A full breakfast is $4.95 ($5.50 after 11am) and a giant burger with bacon and cheese is $5.75. You can also get liver and onions, a hot hamburger sandwich and fish and chips.

The UFO and Three Star were opened up in 1982 by a local Greek family—hence the souvlaki on the menu and the old tourist posters of Greece on the wall. The place is currently run by a Vietnamese family. And why is it called the UFO? "I have no idea," the chef says.

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  1. Love your site!

    Do you happen to know when this place is open? Weekdays only? How about the weekend?


  2. I've got an old flyer from the UFO and it says they're open 7am to 9pm seven days a week. If you want to be sure you can call them at 416 703 0883. They've got a couple tables outside so you can sit outside when the weather is nice.

  3. Never mind the 20 dollar gourmet burger ...This is the finest bacon cheese homemade burger in the City of Toronto and its only 5.75 !