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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Funny signs at Toronto restaurants

We love our ethnic restaurants and greasy spoon restaurants because each one is independent and unique. One way they express their individuality is through their amusing and sometimes grammatically-challenged signs.

Here's a sampling of ones I've noticed in the Toronto area recently. If you have some photos of amusing signs in restaurants, please send them to me at [email protected]

"Latinos: Trudeau forever in our hearts!" at Segovia Meat Market in Kensington. 
Segovia's Meat Market borrows a page from Honest Ed
Segovia's Meat Market
Next door at El Gordo in Kessingthon Market
The Japanese equivalent of A&W's Mama and Papa burgers, at Cafe Green Tea at JTown Mall 
Not clean fish heads at United supermarket in London, Ont. (Click for larger image)
Reputable since 1955 at the Vesta Lunch at Dupont and Bathurst
Dine on credit at the Vesta Lunch

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  1. The Vesta Lunch is tops for signs all 'round! Notice their very own sign with the words "Char Brolied"? Best spelling mistake in the city, I think. Makes me smile every time I walk by. :)