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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Funny signs from Toronto restaurants (Part II)

One of the pleasures of exploring Toronto's ethnic restaurants is taking in the amusing signage and creative uses of the English language. If you share my (admittedly strange) sense of humour, take a look at my recent signage discoveries.  

Dumpling House Restaurant on Spadina in Chinatown asks if you've got dumpling.
This shop in Chinatown East has both vegetables AND food.
St. Andrew Poultry in Kensington has some very talented birds. 
Wow! Hamdi, an African restaurant on Carlton, serves tender lion! Ooops, maybe that's tenderloin....
Oxtail power in effect at the Haitian St. Clair Bakery in Scarborough. 
At the Downsview flea market food court, you can get smoothies by the litter. Hmmm. 
The Downsview flea market also houses a Chinese restaurant called (groan) The Great Wall of Taste. 
Meanwhile, the Lahori Chaska & Paan House in Little India sells nothing but taste! 
Sorry folks, you are not allowed to do drugs at Mainsha, a Jamaican place on Eglinton. 
Fickle Viet Chinese Cuisine is now open on Yonge, presumably aimed at a fickle Asian clientele. 
A very modest establishment, Very Fair Chinese Restaurant in Scarborough. 
It's sister restaurant, Very Fair Seafood Cuisine, is also very humble.
This "halal" shop on Dundas offers quote unquote halal meat. 

For more funny restaurant signs in Toronto, please take a look at Spice City Toronto's previous post here.  Thanks to Lisa for the tip. 
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