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Monday, November 14, 2011

The best ethnic restaurants in Toronto, displayed on Google Maps

By popular demand, I've created a Google Map of all the restaurants I've visited while writing this blog. Lovers of cheap ethnic food can quickly see which places are located near each other when planning expeditions to new parts of town, and they can look to see if there's any spots they should visit in their own neighbourhoods.

View Spice City Toronto GTA Map in a larger map

This is a companion map to the Spice City Toronto World Food Map, which shows the same restaurants on a map of the world based on the food's country of origin.

Happy travels and please keep me updated on your Toronto food adventures. —Sarah

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Thanks to Valerie, Shawn and Ian for the suggestion.


  1. I am so totally happy about this - thanks!!!

  2. OOh, that is plenty helpful! We're on a journey of food discovery too :)

  3. Baldwin Village is also a great recommendation for those with exotic appetite. Moreover, it is an ideal place to rest after the exhausting day :)