About Me


       I’m a Professional Life and Relationship Coach. I work with busy wives to live each day in alignment with their deepest values and beliefs by establishing a set of precedents. These precedents are the seeds of life. The trick is to create the habits that you’d like to have in life and marriage…before life makes them for you! How you view yourself will affect both your life and marriage. I help women just like you live a life and marriage that is truly worth living for. It’s about planting the seeds of life through precedents that will ultimately lead you to a life that is filled with love, peace and happiness.

Personal Story

For most of my life I was a professional entertainer. I performed on216439_2004971686905_6603901_n stage, traveled for competitions and was part of beauty pageants. From an outsider looking in, it was a life most would envy. I can still remember the days of practicing, preparing and performing. I had the lifestyle of getting dressed up and being in front of an audience. I had a bright future ahead of me in the world of entertainment.

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Beauty pageant

This was my life until the age of 18. The course of my life came to a cross road when I was sexually molested by an older man. During this time I experienced what can happen when a couple loses intimacy and connection, stress starts to take over, living a superficial life becomes exhausting and failing to live a life in alignment with your deepest values and beliefs.

I had the option of either allowing this man to affect my life in a negative way or a positive way. Starting at the age of 19, I made the personal commitment to myself that I will not allow this man to cripple how I live my life.  I knew in my heart that I deserve to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. After experiencing this traumatic situation, I gained the strength to move past this situation, the faith to believe that everything will be okay and the wisdom to live a truly passionate life.

I believed that there would be a good man out there who will be my rock and my love.  For the next 5 years I started researching everything on the topics of personal development and marriage. This was when my passion started to kick in. My main mission was to find out what it takes to live a life truly worth living for. Throughout my personal transformation, I’ve learned the importance of taking charge and making the necessary changes in one’s life. At the end of the day, only you will decide if you want to remain where you are or make the changes to experience personal transformation. It starts by making precedents.

5 years later I am happily married to my loving husband John and I am living my life by inspiring others to live to their fullest potential. I am happy to say that my traumatic situation at the age of 18 has become a blessing in disguise. This pain has driven me to live a passionate life. No longer will I feel ashamed, afraid and sacred. I now live each and every day knowing that I am designing the life I truly deserve.

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I am so passionate about inspiring you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. It’s  about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. The biggest investment that you can ever make for yourself is on your personal development and self growth. There are so many temptations and distractions in this world that we can easily be influenced by the external factors.  Within my personal journey, I have seen the power that precedents have had in my life. Being able to live your life that is in alignment with your deepest values and beliefs will ultimately lead you to peace, love and happiness. 

I believe that you deserve to live a life truly worth living for. I deeply care about you and your personal journey. You deserve to have a wonderful life and marriage! If I can overcome my past and live a life truly worth living for, so can you!  Focus on planting the seeds of life!

Live life with PASSION!


Tiffany Mason

Founder of The Power of Precedents©