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Mary’s Story

Finding the Strength From God to Move Past Adversity.

Meet Mary:

Married, 58 years old, mother of 3 boys, grandmother of 2 girls, 1 boy. I was working full time in our business until 2 years ago when my health became my full time job. I enjoy yoga, gardening and cooking. My family is my reason for fighting.  I wish I would have started this healthy lifestyle 30 years ago!

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Kerri’s Story

Meet Kerri:

Currently I am a stay at home mom who just moved across the country because of my fiancé’s job. A year ago I would not have came with him but now we are only two weeks away from our wedding. I grew up in a house with a dad with addictions. My depression consumed me and is a battle I face every day. My future goals are to go back to school and get a degree in social work. I want to find creative ways to help people be the best them that they can be.

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Stephanie’s Story

A rape victim finds her greatest gift by inspiring others that they are not  alone in this scary, yet overcoming battle.


Meet Stephanie Parness

“When I was just 14 years old something horrible happened to me. It traumatized me and left my mind in chaos and confusion. It wasn’t until I went to Walkabout Wilderness programs, that I was able to break these chains of darkness and found my light again”

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Lauren’s Story

A path to finding oneself – overcoming adversity through self awareness and living honestly.

Meet Lauren:

She grew up in a shelter community and had her life turn upside down when she became addicted to drinking and drugs. She found her strength by attending Narcotics Anonymous. It was a constant battle but with persistence she finally broke free. Continue reading