Nic Green: Fatherland/Motherland

A two-part performance looking at place and belonging from Trilogy creator Nic Green.

Nic Green explores notions of place, belonging, authenticity and identity, home and homelands and further understanding the edges of oneself in relation to where you come from, in this far-reaching performance diptych.

Brought up in Yorkshire by her opera singer mother, Green recalls the cultural and environmental landscape of her Motherland in a work-in-progress: the wooded, industrialised valleys; the sweeping, blustery moorlands; the ee by gum and an’ ah’ll tell thi this fer nowt.

In Fatherland (a development of the Arches LIVE piece in 2010), she moves towards the complex psycho-geography of her unknown Scottish father’s home territory: the intoxicating dances of the terra firma; the ancient warrior women, painted and wild; and the
sadness of the songs, lost and forgotten.

Nic Green is an artist, performer and theatre maker creating work with a strong sense of political, environmental and social responsibility at its heart. Her award-winning feminist performance series Trilogy has toured various major national
and international festivals with an estimated 1,000 female participants.

Praise for Trilogy:

*****  The Guardian
*****  The Herald
*****  The List
*****  The Metro