Rob Drummond: Wallace

Directed by Rob Drummond and David Overend.

Starring: Moyo Akande, Rob Drummond, Lesley Hart, James McAnerney, Gaylie Runciman, Benny Young, Kieran Baker.

Media darling and Scottish national treasure Roberta Bishop chairs an independence debate featuring Conservative MP Sir Edward Hammer, the SNP’s Sarah Bailey, journalist Petra Lang and controversial comedian Bruce Carrick.

In the audience, Wallace waits patiently to ask his question…

So begins act one of Rob Drummond’s latest work-in-development; a theatrical panel debate where audience participation is encouraged but not mandatory. Audiences are invited to question the panel or just sit tight and see what twists and revelations emerge from the debate.

Over the course of three acts, Wallace asks how and why we make decisions; where our principles come from; what our history means to us; and why independence and identity matter, if indeed they really do.

Wallace is a staged work-in-development, co-commissioned by National Theatre of Great Britain and The Arches. Developed with support from National Theatre Studio.


Full EARLY DAYS programme:

Rob Drummond ‘Wallace’ | Sun 14 – Thurs 18 Sept ’14 | £12/£10

Robert Ormerod ‘Political Youth’ |Thurs 4 – Fri 19 Sept ’14 | FREE

Adam Scarborough ‘Please Wait to be Seated’ | Fri 5 – Fri 19 Sept ’14 | Cafe Bar Takeover

Symposium: Imagining Scotland – Pasts, Presents, Futures | Sun 14 Sept ’14 | FREE

Marcus Montgomery Roche: Vote for Me | Tues 16 Sept ’14 | FREE

Trigger: How to Choose? by Davey Anderson and Gary McNair | Wed 17 Sept ’14 | £8/£6

The Arches Political Party | Thurs 18 Sept ’14 | £5 / FREE with Wallace ticket

The What Now? Brunch | Fri 19 Sept ’14 | FREE for the first 30 guests


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