Channeling our Constance Spry for The Women of Harper's Bazaar 1936-1958 by Elena Prendergast

Constance Spry was a formidable lady on many accounts, but her early years of groundbreaking social work in the Irish countryside were eclipsed by her main claim to fame as an industry pioneer elevating florals from a ladies pastime, to a fully fledged decorative element in its own right. Her stylistic influence is still very visible today. She was an avid gardener herself and was both prized and highly criticized for her use of unusual vessels and daringly unfashionable materials. 

When asked to do the opening arrangement for the ‘The Women of Harper’s Bazaar, 1936-1958’ at the Museum at FIT, Spry immediately came to mind - herself one of those very ‘women’ referred to in the title, she was a regular contributor to the magazine during that period and a force to be reckoned with in a time when women rarely got the chance to fulfill their career desires.  
With that in mind - and in keeping with our local and seasonal mantra we put together an arrangement that doesn’t mimic Spry’s arrangements simply in the photographic sense of the term, but that takes her principals and applies them to what could be found in New York at the end of February. 

The vessel - we uses a Silver Ritz Soupière as she was renowned for taking objects from around her clients houses and using them as floral vessels. We stripped camilla in reference to one of her more racy moves - removing leaves of branches to reveal the buds and flowers, putting them on the centre stage. The Yves Piaget garden tea roses are highly scented, old fashioned roses were a favorite of hers. In todays modern market, finding a highly scented verities is somewhat of a challenge. It takes a lot of energy for a flower to smell, giving them the reputation of lasting last less long in the vase. Imported stems rarely are highly scented varieties for this reason. These domestic gems smell amazing. The ranunculus and Hellebore are local February blooms from Hautau & sons farm. The lady Fern is a reference to the popular greenery of her time. Inherited from the Victorian fascination with ferns and ferneries, they have since fallen out of fashion, probably as so many things do, due to over exposure. The dried pomegranate is a double reference to both her love of fruit in arrangements and utilizing elements that were ‘destined for the wheelbarrow’... 

The Women of Harper’s Bazaar, 1936-1958, is up at the Museum at FIT on 27th and 7th through April 1st

Pre-Order for Valentine's Day Pop-up next weekend! by Elena Prendergast

We’ve prepared a limited edition collection of very unique, locally and domestically sourced arrangements and bouquets for that someone special - or for everyone you love - a guaranteed smile back on a chilly February face. 
Reserve your arrangement to be sure to get one and come pick it up on Saturday the 14th
at the Hauser & Wirth Roth bar, see some fabulous art and drink a warming coffee.
Delivery and special requests also available.

Emily Thompson's arrangement for the Garden Edit by Le Fleuriste by Elena Prendergast

Le Fleuriste went to chat with the amazing Emily Thompson for the Garden Edit's  'Arrangement' series. As she made the voluptuous smokebush and bullrush arrangement we talked about some of the more difficult things about being on the for front of one's metier, sticking to one's guns, and generally adorning the role of educator. Opinion's have rarely been easy things to have - and Emily has a number of them - in this raw and un-dulled interview, we tackle a couple. All reviled here

Le Fleuriste x Fluent City Workshop July 23rd by Elena Prendergast

Always wanted to learn how to make a lovely centerpiece arrangement that stays in place, find out about how to keep your flowers going for longer or simple how to choose a good, healthy seasonal bunch? All this and much more will be reviled :) 

Le Fleuriste has paired up with the amazing peeps at Fluent City for a fun summer workshop. Learn to make a whimsical, semi-edible locally sourced centerpiece arrangement, whilst learning about the floral world and some French floristry vocabulary. This one-hour workshop will take place on the 23rd of July at 7pm, in Manhattan at 121 E. 27th St., 9th Floor, Room 916.

It's 80$ all included, you of course get to take the arrangement home! Find out all about it and sign up here.

At large for the Garden Edit by Elena Prendergast

Here at Le Fleuriste we've been fervent fans of John Tebbs lovely website and journal The Garden Edit for as long as it's been in existence! Back last year when Simon was a fellow at the Academie de France in Rome, and residing in the villa Medici gardens, we did an 'inspired by' post, shot by the amazing Assaf Shoshan. A year on, and having moved around quite a bit, we're very honored to have been asked to contribute as the New York voice of the London based site. The 1st post is up in parallel with the Le Fleuriste International series on Aviva Rowely's plant clipping club, Keiki. This lovely club is all about trading plant clipping and stories, propagation and sharing throughout New York City. Lots of pictures of Aviva's plant-filled flat, the roof top & rosé plant club and the inspiration behind it!

come and get a succulent at the skodia pop-up shop! by Elena Prendergast

le fleuriste will be at the skodia pop-up shop in the east village this weekend!
Come and see us all day Saturday, and Sunday 11am-7pm at 441e 12th st in the east village. Le fleuriste will be there with a selection of wired an funky succulents in delicate hand made clay bowls to add some green to your life - and help await spring!

Valentines pop-up at hauser & Wirth by Elena Prendergast

Valentine’ pop-up_1

Hey there New Yorkers - Valentine’s Day is just around the corne!

For the first time ever le Fleuriste - is in NYC. We’ve prepared a small number of very unique, locally and domestically sourced arrangements and posey pins for that someone special - a guaranteed smile on a chilly February face.

Come on over to the Hauser & Wirth Roth New York Bar surprise your loved one, see the fabulous new Subodh Gupta show and drink a warming coffee…
Valentine’s day just got fun!

There are a limited number of arrangement, so we recommend pre-ordering on

le fleuriste pop-up
Hauser & Wirth
511 West 18th Street
between 10th and 11th avenues - map
10am - 6pm

photo Antoine Espinasseau for le Fleuriste