etiquette for teen girls Etiquette for Teen GirlsAges 13 thru 15
Grades 7th thru 9th

First Impressions
• Proper introduction – Art of conversation
• Eye contact – Body language
• Handshakes – Speak clearly

Visual Poise
• How to stand – Proper sitting
• Good posture – Graceful walk – Confidence
• Telephone Etiquette

Personal Style
• Skin care – Hair care – Make up

Clothing Class
• dressing – How to shop
• Eye for color – Details
• Keep your closet practical

Dining Skills
• How to set a table – How to eat certain foods
• Use of the utensil – Table manners

Summary – Wrap-up

etiquette for teen boys Etiquette for Teen BoysAges 13 thru 15
Grades 7th thru 9th

• Rules of introduction – First impressions
• Eye contact – Handshakes – Body language
• Conversation – Speak clearly

General Social Guidelines
• The responsibilities that young men need to learn and do in Everyday life situations

Telephone Skills
• Proper way to answer the phone – taking messages
• Making a call – Smile when you talk
• Listening skills –
• Good posture – Proper sitting

Thank you note / RSVP
• How to write a thank you note
• Invitations and importance of RSVP

Dining Skills
• How to properly set a table – Table manner
• Use of each utensil – How to eat certain foods

• How to dress according to your own good taste
• What looks best on you
• Special dress-up event
Parent / Student Summary

etiquette for young adults Etiquette for Young AdultsAges 16 thru 18
Grades 10th thru 12th

This coed program is offered to teens. These classes are ideal to help young adults prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in the future.

Communication Guidelines
• To promote knowledgeable, courteous and considerate behavior toward others.
• To increase the student’s awareness of thir world and the role they will play in It.

General Social Guidelines
• To develop the students’ confidence in their knowledge and ability to handle demanding situations
• To help the students’ appreciate their good points and concentrate on developing them.

Dining Skills
• Proper table setting – Silverware positions –
• Silent service – Glassware – Tipping
• Seating a lady at the table

Clothing Class
• Color – Style – Proper dressing
• Special event – What to wear and not to wear

One Minute Speech
• Interviewing
• Thank you notes
• Body Language

Your opinion of the opposite sex


social etiquette Social Etiquette 

Social Etiquette is a program that will assist you in developing a personal style and teach you the skills that help make you more confident, self assured and ready to compete successfully in today’s world.

Who should attend?
• Individuals who want to become polished and enhance self confidence.
• Persons who desire knowledge that helps them to be the best in their personal and professional life.
• Persons who enjoy entertaining


etiquette for young adults Business Etiquette 

The Northern California School of Etiquette can help you customize a business etiquette workshop or presentation for your company on a variety of topics.

• Socializing and networking
• Professional grace
• Elegant dining
• Corporate Image, styles, colors and fabric
• Business casual attire
• Accessories for men and women

Private Classes available upon request

All programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of individuals and groups.