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Lists & Collections

Shopping Lists and Recipe Collections are organizational tools which contain a subset of your main Recipe Library. To create a new Shopping List or a Recipe Collection, click on the "New Shopping List" or "New Recipe Collection" icon in the main toolbar. To add recipes to a list or collection, drag-and-drop them from the main recipe grid to their icon in the left pane. Alternatively, you can add recipes by right-clicking on them in the main grid and selecting the desired list/collection from the "Add to..." rollout menus.

To rename or delete a list or collection, right-click on it in the left display pane. Note that deleting a Recipe Collection or a Shopping List does not remove the underlying recipes from your main Recipe Library.

Rows within Recipe Collections and Shopping Lists can be rearranged; simply select a row and drag it to the desired location. Rows can also be sorted by column headings.

While Recipe Collections have a similar display to your main Recipe Library, Shopping List include more specialized data. You can adjust the Number of Batches on each recipe to ensure that the appropriate ingredient amounts are purchased; the Yield from each recipe is displayed to help you make this decision. There is also a Menu Note area to assist with weekly menu planning: include notes such as "Monday Dinner" or "Sunday Potluck".

Shopping Lists ingredients are sorted according to your Ingredient Master List settings. You can include and exclude ingredients from your Shopping List by selecting the item from the list and checking/unchecking the "Include in Shopping List" option to the right; you can also override the actual shopping list entries from this area. Note that an ingredient which has been overridden will not be updated if the calculated amount changes due to recipes being added/removed or Number Of Batches being adjusted; the override value must be cleared to return back to the calculated amount.

Custom items can be added to your shopping list by clicking the "Add Custom Item" button. They can be removed by selecting them from the list and clicking "Remove Custom Item".

Print your recipe listing, complete with menu notes, by selecting the "Print Menu" button. Print the shopping list itself by selecting the "Print Shopping List" button.

Refer to the Email and Export sections to see the ways recipes and Shopping Lists can be exported from eChef.