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Something about Healthy Eating + Sabich recipe

Hi, everyone! I am finally back to blogging after a long silence. I'm not only back with a new recipe but also with a new fun experiment. The thing is that I've decided to try 21-day detox program that I've found on the internet. As a part of this cleansing diet I even turned into a vegan for a week, furthermore I survived it=). Maybe, for some of you this is not a big deal, but for such devoted meat lover as I am, not to eat any animal protein is a very serious decision. You would probably ... Continue Reading

Eggplant Rolls with Cream Cheese, Walnuts and Cilantro

While this spring week seems to be pretty rainy in Palo Alto, that doesn’t mean we can't have vivid sunny meals on our plates! This fresh veggie appetizer seems like a perfect option for me. These rolls are roster eggplant slices, with creamy but light filling and slices of fresh ripe tomatoes inside. Since the eggplant is roasted instead of fried, this is a low-calorie, vegetarian dish. What else is good about this appetizer, is that it could be a perfect starter and set the mood for your ... Continue Reading