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Pad See-Ew

It took me a while, but here is another Asian stir-fry recipe I have cooked in my beloved wok. Nothing fancy, just simple and delicious Thai comfort meal – Pad See-Ee. This dish made with flat rice noodles, stir fried thinly sliced meat, vegetables, and booster ingredient – high-quality soy sauce. Nothing complicated at all. Anyway, my recipe is a bit different from the traditional one, because I’ve added more kinds of vegetables I had in my fridge, as I really like stir fried veggies. ... Continue Reading

Kung Pao Chicken

This may be a bit strange, but I was inspired to cook this dish by one of the nastiest restaurant experiences of my life. My friend and I had recently decided to go for lunch to one of the oldest (about 25 years) Chinese restaurants in our city. I had heard many nice reviews about this place from my close friends, so I definitely didn't expect any unpleasant surprises. Oh, I was so wrong! The food was incredibly awful; we were disappointed with every dish we ordered. The Teriyaki Beef was more ... Continue Reading