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saltfreshly ground black pepperextra virgin olive oileggsall-purpose floursugarbutterwatergarlicconfectioners' sugarMilkunsalted buttervanilla extractheavy whipping creambaking powderlemon juicebrown sugarkosher saltFor the filling:minced garlicsea saltolive oilchili powdercherry tomatoesvegetable oilfreshly grated ParmesanFor the batter:grated Parmesaneggcream cheeseheavy creamdry white winelemon zesttomato sauceFor the dough:balsamic vinegarsmoked paprikaunsweetened cocoa powderhoneyFor the sauce:finely chopped green onionred wine vinegarlight brown sugarsweetened condensed milkmelted unsalted butterwhite sugarground cinnamonmedium yellow onionvegetable brothchilli powderDijon mustardground cuminmelted butteregg yolkspowdered sugarflourcider vinegardiced tomatoessour creamcinnamonbread crumbsbaking sodalarge eggsfresh basil leavescaperschopped fresh dilldark chocolate chipsgranulated sugarcilantrowhole milkarugulamascarponecocoa powderwhipped creamPhiladelphia cream cheesewhipping creambaconlight soy saucesmall shallotTabascosuperfine sugarFor serving:tomatoeslime juiceground walnutsbasil leavespuff pastryfresh rosemaryground ParmesanFor the dressing:basildark chocolatecarrotmaple syrupvegetable stockfreshly grated gingerfresh sage leavesblack peppercoarse sea saltorange zestmedium shallotfinely chopped cilantrococonut milkshredded mozzarellachopped garlicFor the topping:small jalapenochicken brothfresh thymechopped walnutsfennelrumpoppy seedsgrated lemon zestfresh lemon juicepaprikagreen onionagave nectarkalamata olivesFor the cake:frozen peasvanilla podhomemade mayounflavored gelatin powderhalf-and-halfegg whitesbell pepperapplewood smoked baconworcestershire saucesharp cheddarfinely chopped red onionsalmon filletsmall red onionTo serve:dry yeastyolkszest of 2 lemonsalmond extracttoffee chipsdrain cottage cheeseblueberriesparsleyFor the marinade:finely chopped dillwhole peeled plum tomatoeswhite winesmall zucchinisfresh cilantrogreen chili pepperground corianderFor the crust:finely chopped parsleybuttermilkfinely chopped fresh gingerFor the frosting:unsalted butter, room temperaturewhiskeysliced portobello mushroomsgarlic powderred kidney beansdry Italian herbs (oregano, thyme, basil)low-sodium vegetable brothhot waterfinely chopped chives, for servingground nutmegfresh basilmedium eggplantsorange juicechopped medium yellow onionfresh gingerbaguettebread flourwarm milksoft unsalted butter (room temperature)corianderlarge yellow onionsmall fresh red chili pepperspaghettiFor the syrup:anchovy filletcelerycinnamon stickbeef brothred curry pasteoyster saucechopped green onionchopped fresh gingerboneless chicken breastrice noodlesred bell pepperlow sodium soy sauceleekbroccoli floretstruffle oilgreen beansarborio ricecelery stalkschicken or vegetable stocksalt to tastebananastruffle buttershiitake mushroomsvegetable or sunflower oilGranny Smith applesmedium onionmedium bell peppersmedium beetscanned diced tomatoesscallioncornstarchsesame seedsSauce:almond milkhard-cooked eggsfreshly squeezed lemon juicemascarpone cheesecognacchickenchopped pecansportobello mushroomsmedium red onionfreshly ground nutmegcaster sugarport wineFor the meringue:condensed milksoy saucesesame oilpeanut or vegetable oilalmond mealraisinslarge eggtoasted walnutspastramibread with brancheddarFor dough:For filling:heavy wiping creammix of diced fruits and berriesFor icing:strawberriescooking spraysemisweet chocolatefresh big peachescoarsely cinnamon grahams crackersromaine lattucered and yellow tomatoesFor dressing:ripe avocadoground almondgolden raisingpear vodkapear jamground porkchili pepperred sweet onionlower-sodium chicken brothno-salt added kidney beansfresh cilantro leavescorn tortillasavocadoroughly chopped parsleyromaine lattuce heartzest of 1 orangeorange liqueurstrawberrydry milksoftened butterFor the lemon custard:eggplantssweet red oniongrade Parmesansoftened unsalted buttersesameFor blueberry sauce:cornhoney graham crackersliqueur or rumFor the beurre noisette:For the sugar syrup:For the deep:mahi mahi (dorado)chocolate syrupminiature marshmallowspeeled pearsmango pureehot milkchopped pistachiossaffronfinely chopped dill and parsleyfresh mintchopped medium red onionmango powder or lemon juiceiceberg saladcold cubed butterjuice of 3 lemonszest of 3 lemonsbaguette cut into 1/2 inch cubesItalian seasoningricottablueberrycold butterbig ripe plumscaramel syrupMesophilic culturecrushed graham crackersplain Greek yogurt or sour creamstrawberry jamstale white breadmozzarella cheese sticksfresh bread (baguette or ciabatta)chopped fresh herbs (parsley and dill)big orangesFor the cupcakes:cream cheese, room temperaturedark corn syrup1 American rack of lambcider or apple vinegarpine nutsdried porcini mushroomsfinely chopped onionpeppertruffle saltcubbed white breadFor the soup:butternut squashFor the fried sage:self rising flourFor the ravioli dough:mozzarellaItalian seasoning (rosemary, dill, oregano, tame, parsley)chopped small yellow onioncubed small zucchinichopped carrot1/4 cup fresh French or Italian green beanschopped bell peppers, red and orangeelbows macaronismall marshmallowground gingerpumpkin puredried cranberrylarge russet potatoesgrated sharp cheddarsmall chilli pepperplum tomatoesgood-quality tuna in olive oilfinely chopped anchovieszest and juice of 1 lemonradiatori or rigatoni pastehomemade or light mayobig firm tomatochopped cilantrocherry tomatoes, cut in half lengthwisebitter sweet chocolatesmall red new potatoessmall yellow new potatoesfried bacon, choppedrye breadradishFor the spread:boiled eggsplain Greek yogurtdiced bell peppertomato pastesmoked salmonwarm waterinstant yeastFor the garlic butter:dried parsley or dried oreganoFor the cigars:phyllo sheetsdark chocolate (70% cocoa)milk chocolateFor the chocolate dip:dry mustardpilled and diced pumpkinred Thai curry pastegrain sea saltfinely fresh cilantrococonut creamthinly sliced tomatociderfreshly squeezed orange juicecinnamon stickswhole clovesginger powderblack chickenGinsengWolfberriesRhizomaChinese Angelicae Rootdried chinese dateschicken concentrated stockground white pepper to tasteboiled or steamed ricesmall eggplantsdices tomatoesground ricotta salata or Parmesan cheesefinely chopped gingerberries and fruitscold waterfresh or frozen dark cherries (sour cherries)For the compote:frozen berriesanchovy pastafettuccineboneless chuck roast, cut into 2-inch piecespilled pearl onionred winebay leavesyoung carrotFor the empanadas:minced chicken breastmedium red bell peppershredded cheddarFor the cilantro chutney:golden raisingsfresh pilled shrimpslukewarm milkactive dry yeastveal for stewchopped big yellow oniondry red winedry apricotsdry figsdatesscallionslimegolden raisinslarge apples, Golden Deliciousfinely chopped sage leavesfinely chopped garlicricotta cheeseready made wonton/ravioli wrapsprosecco or white winefresh blueberriesleek, only white partParmesanpotatoes (pink, purple, yellow)medium plum tomatoesgrated Cheddargraded Provolonemedium boiled potatostore bought gnocchiFresno chiliripe heirloom tomatoessourdough sandwich rollPappardelle pasta, fresh or store-boughtblack trufflesblack truffles, fresh, preserved or salsa tartufatagreen peasground pink pepperpremium cocoaZen-Sational Fennel PollenFor the garnish:skinless salmon filletwhite balsamic vinegar (or white wine vinegar)thinly sliced smoked salmonblanched broccolifat reduced milkmedium firm pearsfrozen puff pastrymascarpone, room temperaturevanilla sugar or superfine sugar with a drop of vanilla extractNutellagrated coconutbaked walnuts, finely choppedorange blossom water or zest of 1 orangeapricot jamdark chocolate (70% cocoa), gratedall purpose flour, siftedlight beer or pale alemushrooms, thinly slicedsmall yellow onion, finely choppedmushroomssmall yellow onionsmoked Gouda or other smoked cheeseFor the curd:whole eggportobello mushrooms or truffle saltcelery stalkbasil pestosweet potatoesblanched spinachporcini salt or kosher salttofuswiss cheesewheat buns or any othercremini mushroomszucchinisCampari tomatoesshaved Parmesanhomemade or store-bought mayonnaisebaby mozzarellapotato gnocchibeer, good amber or dark alepork knucklebouquet garnimedium carrotsparsnipunpiled garlic clovesFor the glaze:caraway seedsbeerunbleached all-purpose flourespressoFor the boiling:mozzarella, provolone and Parmesan cheese mixmedium zucchinisuncooked oven ready lasagna noodleslight ricotta cheesefresh spinachFor the tomato sauce:freshly shelled or frozen peasavocado or olive oilheavy cream or coconut milkpita chipsdry sherrydark sesame oilbroccoliplain yogurtMarinade:boneless and skinless chickencuminground red peppergheeserrano peppersgaram masalacooked quinoasmall colorful potatoesPolen Ranch Zen-Sationalavocado oilwhole wheat flourfresh berriesroughly chopped basil leavesmusselsasparaguscider vinegar or lemon juicevegetable stock or waterwhite misotoasted sesame oilchili pastegrated fresh gingerQuinoajulienned carrotsnow peas or green beansthinly sliced bell peppercubed baked tofu or cooked chicken breastchopped cilantro and green onionorganic super fresh large eggsSavoiardi (Ladyfingers)cold espressobitter cocoa powderpineapple juicelarge portobello mushroomschopped fresh basilmedium red potatoeswhite-wine vinegargreen bell pepperchopped scallionsFreshly ground white or black pepperground allspicefreshly black pepperchopped jalapenocrushed hot pepper flakesdry oreganodry thymeonionwhite vinegargood quality olive oiltahinicanned chickpeas (garbanzo beans)Pesto sauce (optional)bread crumbs, lightly toastedmix of mushroomsdry garlicgrated Parmigiano-ReggianoFor the cheese sauce:gouda, finally gratedTo cook the pasta:elbowsgreen beans and yellow beennew red, purple and yellow potato, smallwarm heavy creamFor caramel sauce:light corn syrupbig and ripe bell peppersdrained cottage cheesedry Italian herbsFor Béchamel sauce:For the layers:lasagna noodlesfresh mushroom mix (like MysopiaBig Devil Spicehimalayan or kosher saltlarge egg yolkspumpkin pureehomemade or store bought caramelcaramel saucefreshly grated lemon zestGreek yogurtchicken liverrefrigerated pie crustsFor the yogurt dip:low-fat Greek Yogurtmayonnaiselarge whole eggsbest quality bittersweet chocolatechopped leekPollen Ranch Big Devil Spice or ground cayenne peppertoasted pecansdried cranberrieswhole graham crackerspeanutssemisweet chocolate chipspeanut buttercold heavy creamlarge egg whitesdried breadcrumbsskinless boneless chicken breast halvesmarinara saucefresh buffalo mozzarellapanettoneraspberry jamflaked almondsraspberriesgood-quality dark chocolatesweet condensed milkrice wine or dry sherryFor Marinade:hoisin saucehot chile pasteIngredients:chicken breast (skinless, boneless)Chinese black vinegar, or good-quality balsamic vinegarunsalted dry-roasted peanutsFor decoration:skinless almondsjamgingerflat and wide rice noodleschicken breastChinese broccoli florets (or substitute regular broccoli)bok choywood ear mushroomsFor the base:graham cracker crumbsFor the caramel:dark brown sugarbig ripe bananasFor the Lobster Salad:yellow and red beetslobster tailssoft-boiled egggrapeseed or vegetable oilcayenne powderfreshly ground black pepper to tastechopped fresh tarragon leaveschopped chivesripe avocadoshazelnat pastecandied cherriessea scallopsbasic crepesFor the custard:peanut oilmedium-sized carrotslow-sodium chicken brothmirin saucesrirache saucewhite pepperdried Ramen noodlesChicken sausagesmedium-boiled eggsripe mangoessaffron threadsraw walnutsmedium tomatoeslight cream cheesefresh lime juicelarge red bell pepperlarge shallotsmall potatoeschicken stocksmocked paprikaapplesFor the caramelized oranges:medium orangescauliflowerwhole chickenpuri purisumac berriescrushed sugar wafflesclassic Marinara or your favorite Tomato sauceground beefcrushed red pepperchopped parsleyoreganoanchovy fillets in oilshell-shaped paste (Conchigliette)fresh oreganomedium yukon gold potatoesvinegarlarge free-range eggsmicro greenssmall Fuji applethin crepesdulce de lecheorganic diced tomatoesgrated applefresh red chilicloveshelled pistachiosalmond or pistachio extractgreen food colorFor the burger mix:salty crackersfresh flat-leaf parsleylean ground beefcrispy fried bacongood quality burger bunsround lettucepicklesketchupFor the Strawberry-Banana jam:hulled strawberriesmashed bananaslight fruit pectin crystalsFor the Strawberry-Guava jam:mashed ripe pink guavaspurred strawberriessmall heirloom tomatoespitted kalamata olivescucumberfeta cheesecroutons or pita cheepsfresh dillgreek yogurt or ice creamwhole garlic bulbfresh thyme leaves
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