pixi + maryam maquillage strobe and sculpt palette review

pixi + maryam maquillage strobe and sculpt

pixi + maryam maquillage strobe and sculpt palette review

Hey Guys!  Welcome back – or if it’s your first time, thank you for stopping by!

Today’s post is all about the Pixi + Maryam Maquillage Strobe and Sculpt Palette.  I grabbed the LAST palette from my local Target, no joke.  I went in 2 days after they were announced!  I couldn’t believe the entire influencer collection was more or less gone by the time I got there.  Well, I mean, of course I could believe it.  I was just disappointed because I wanted to also pick up the Strobe and Bronze palette, and itsjudytime’s Get the Look – ItsEyeTime palette.  Sigh. (Sidenote – I wanted Aspyn’s highlights, too, but I had to put myself on a highlight spending freeze for a few months….#smallspaceissues).

Here is my video showing you guys the palette in action!

Even though I didn’t love the pink toned highlight, I think this palette was VERY worth the $20 price tag.  That said, if you’re more fair-skinned than I am (I wear shade 125 in MUFE, 25 in Sephora 10 hour wear, light beige in Too Faced Born This Way), then this might not be a great purchase for you.  The yellow toned highlight did appear very yellow on the inside of my arms but applied beautifully to my face.  I wish you could swatch this in person to see all the colors in action before you purchase, but I hope that my video will help you decide whether or not this palette is for you!

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