Arches Commons Breakfast Discussion:

Arches Commons Breakfast Discussion: "Am I an artist?"

Part of Arches LIVE 2013

Sat 28 Sep 2013 | 10.30am | Free

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The Arches Commons is an open space for dialogue and conversation, where all are welcome to come and share their thoughts on the themes being discussed.

This year, we’re looking at the question: “am I an artist?”

Arches artist-in-residence Adrian Howells will reflect on the past 18 months of his residency with Sense Scotland and the creative process he has been on with Ian Johnston, his co-collaborator on Arches LIVE 2013 show He’s The Greatest Dancer. We’ll be focusing specifically on the role of the ‘non professional’: What are the qualities and learning to be found in the untrained dancer, actor and musician? Where is the permission found and how is this given for a ‘non professional’ to formally express their thoughts and feelings about the world in an artistic context? And what is the power and liberation to be found in this title?

Facilitated by Dr Laura Bissell.

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Festival diary for Sat 28th Sep**:

10.30am-12 noon Arches Commons: Am I An Artist? (Cafe Bar)
12.30pm Visting Company: Panorama (Arch 6, 10 min slots)
1pm-1.40pm Katy Baird and Jonathan May: At Least We Tried (B3)
2.30pm-3.15pm Unboxed: I’m Still Gay And You’re Still Dying (Practice Room)
3.30pm-3.40pm Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony (Arch 2)
4pm-5.30pm Shafted!? Theatrical Dissidents: Shafted!? (Studio)

From 10am onwards:

Rachel Frances Sharpe: Smoke (Backstage Chamber, installation)
Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony (Arch 2, durational)
Unboxed: Break The Silence (B4, installation – 3.15pm onwards)

**all times are approximate