Arches LIVE 2013

The Arches presents

Arches LIVE 2013

Tue 17 - Sat 28 Sep 2013 | Festival pass: £32/£26 | See shows for individual prices

“Take no thought of the harvest
But only of proper sowing”

From T.S. Eliot’s The Rock

Welcome to Arches LIVE 2013, our annual festival of new work by Scotland’s most interesting performance makers, who have been brought together by a shared determination to subvert and surprise. It’s this celebration of uninhibited creativity that exemplifies what the Arches does best: enabling courageous artists to push the boundaries of their practice.

As is often the case with Arches LIVE, there is a strong political theme, whether explored through autobiographical storytelling, or by self-consciously blurring the lines between artist and activist. The festival also asks many questions. What is, and who can be, an ‘artist’? In a world preoccupied with social control, what do we have to do in order to let go? Join the discussion on these topics at the Arches Commons event and at a special event in collaboration with Stereo, that looks at art and activism in and beyond Glasgow (Art/Action/Other #1, on Sat 21st Sep).

We are also delighted to announce the inaugural Summerhall Autopsy Award, which sees two Arches LIVE shows selected to be restaged at the Edinburgh venue in 2014.

As ever, we encourage everyone to experience the festival as a whole, taking in a few shows a night as well as joining the lively debate and discussion in the festival bar. Buy one of the excellent value Festival Passes and come down and immerse yourself in this exciting cross section of Glasgow’s live performance community.

Jackie Wylie,
Artistic Director


All shows:

Art/Action/Other #1 (discussion event)
Rachel Frances Sharpe: Smoke
Unboxed: Break the Silence
Leo Glaister: Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Calum MacAskill: Every Pound’s A Prisoner!
Greg Sinclair: I Do, Do I
Peter Lannon/Emma Nutland: Punching Woman Coming At You Punchman
V/DA: Behave
Enormous Yes: Bonny Boys Are Few
Ian Johnston/Gary Gardiner/Adrian Howells: He’s The Greatest Dancer
Rosana Cade: Sister
Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony
Arches Commons breakfast discussion: Am I An Artist?
Visting Company: Panorama
Katy Baird and Jonathan May: At Least We Tried
Unboxed: I’m Still Gay And You’re Still Dying
Shafted!? Theatrical Dissidents: Shafted!?


Tickets and booking information:

The excellent value Arches LIVE Festival Pass (£32/£26) and Day Pass (£18/£12) are available now from the Arches Box Office – call us on 0141 565 1000 or visit in person at 253 Argyle Street to book. Alternatively, you can now book your festival pass online.

To buy tickets for individual shows, please see individual pages above.


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