Art/Action/Other #1

The Arches and Stereo present

Art/Action/Other #1

A discussion event as part of Arches LIVE 2013

Sat 21 Sep 2013 | 12pm-3pm | Free

What can an understanding of particular creative/artistic practices bring to the task of imagining and organising new forms of direct action?
What is the potential for the social/political impact of the ephemeral performance encounter?
What can we learn from the similarities/distinctions between direct action and other forms of cultural production?

Arches LIVE joins up with Stereo to instigate an event/gathering/discussion to consider the possibilities for crossover between creative practice and forms of direct action.

This is an opportunity for creative practitioners and activists to meet and discuss crossover, individual experiences and findings, and perhaps think about how, where and when these initial discussions could lead to future arts/activism collaborations within and beyond Glasgow.

At this initial event, a selection of creative practitioners, activists and academics have been invited to present an aspect of their practice which might inform or be useful to a general discussion on art and direct action.


Get involved:

We’re keen to hear from any individuals who would like present something of their arts/activism/research work and thinking in this realm. This could take the form of a short presentation to the group – perhaps talking about your work and showing something of it in action.

Ideally this would be short (10 mins max) and require minimal technical support but a projector can be made available. This will help to support a context which is as informal and inclusive as possible.

Please e-mail if you would like to get involved.



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