EARLY DAYS: The Arches' Referendum Festival

The Arches presents

EARLY DAYS: The Arches' Referendum Festival

Thu 4 - Fri 19 Sep 2014

Why do you make decisions? What motivates you? What would it take to change your ideology? Do principles really even exist if they can be so corrupted? Are principles really just what we would do in an ideal world? Are principles real? How much money would you need to vote for the opposition…?

As Scotland draws closer to answering one of the biggest ‘Yes/No’ questions in the country’s history, The Arches presents a festival of events inspired by- and informing on- the Independence Referendum. More than concerning themselves with the hard facts (or enumerating various best-case/worst-case scenarios), this series of performances, conversations, art and music will encourage audiences to think about how we make decisions, where the human desire for independence comes from, and whether it even really matters.

The highlight of the festival, around which the referendum project has grown, is Wallace, a new theatre event created by Rob Drummond and David Overend (Bullet Catch). Co-commissioned by The Arches and The National Theatre with support from National Theatre Studio, the three-act work-in-development will premiere at The Arches in the week leading up to the referendum.*

The night before the referendum, Trigger presents How To Choose?; a new work developed by Gary McNair and Davey Anderson, in collaboration with the philosophy department at the University of Glasgow and part of the Flip Side series. Combining views gathered from philosophy cafes across Scotland, and podcast interviews with campaigners, neurologists and psychologists, Trigger look at how and why we make choices. Is it peer pressure, propaganda or a deep instinct? Can we ever make an unbiased decision?

After the final Wallace performance on the 18th, audiences and artists are invited to The Arches Political Party: a late night get-together with artistic happenings, live music and the results as they happen. The next morning, once the votes have been counted, we open our doors for the What Now? Brunch, an informal debrief with the Early Days team, complete with champagne where called for, hugs where needed and the ubiquitous rolls and bacon.

Other interactive satellite and momentum-building events include Robert Ormerod’s interactive photography exhibition Political Youth, Marcus Montgomery Roche’s Vote for Me and a Symposium, inspired by the idea of (Scottish) Independence and centering on the themes of history, reflection, discussion and philosophy.


Full EARLY DAYS programme:

Rob Drummond ‘Wallace’ | Sun 14 – Thurs 18 Sept ’14 | £12/£10

Robert Ormerod ‘Political Youth’ |Thurs 4 – Fri 19 Sept ’14 | FREE

Adam Scarborough ‘Please Wait to be Seated’ | Fri 5 – Fri 19 Sept ’14 | Cafe Bar Takeover

Symposium: Imagining Scotland – Pasts, Presents, Futures | Sun 14 Sept ’14 | FREE

Marcus Montgomery Roche: Vote for Me | Tues 16 Sept ’14 | FREE

Trigger: How to Choose? by Davey Anderson and Gary McNair | Wed 17 Sept ’14 | £8/£6

The Arches Political Party | Thurs 18 Sept ’14 | £5 / FREE with Wallace ticket

The What Now? Brunch | Fri 19 Sept ’14 | FREE for the first 30 guests


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