Hamish Orr: I Would Say Storm

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The Arches present

Hamish Orr: I Would Say Storm

Part of Into The New 2015

Tue 13 Jan 2015 | from 6pm | Festival Pass: £16 | Day Pass: £5 (call 0141 565 1000 to book) | 16+

I would say storm

I would say cloud

I would say leaf

I would say tree

I would be drenched by all rains and moistened by all dews

I would rumble like the sea crashing on the shore turned into the thunder of trains passing overhead

Into blisters into birdsong into fresh flocks that roll across the world

And whoever would not understand me would not understand the fire on the horizon that is the rising sun.

I would say storm.

A solo piece exploring concepts of place and distance , created after an 85 mile walk from the summit of North Berwick Law to the Arches.

How do I experience place?

How do we experience place?

And where are the connections between two seemingly distant pieces of land?

Hamish Orr is a multidisciplinary artist that works in a variety of contexts.

He would classify himself as an ecological artist (at the moment) as he currently mainly makes work that tries to disrupt the human/non-human binary and deals with the relationship between person and place.

Hamish also has a passion for working with young audiences, both in performance and facilitation. He has worked with Brian Hartley on his commonwealth games project ‘Scotch Hoppers’ and is an active member of the Patter network as well as being involved with Imaginate.

He dances both on and off stage and is an experienced roller-skater and move through the world in ways that change your perspective.

About Into The New 2015 | a festival of new work from final year students of the BA Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

As we open the Pandora’s box of Into The New this year, we can be sure that the work of this group of graduating students will raise some ‘impertinent questions’. Their performances seek to offer intellect and challenge, hope and humour, bravery and commitment.

Your role, as audience is to ‘domesticate’ their ideas, to deal with them and perhaps to explain them, to yourselves, and to each other. With that we wish you luck, as the class of 2015 may refuse to be tamed!

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