Home Run

Home Run

Written and performed by Lisa Nicoll

Tue 1 - Wed 2 Nov 2011 | 7.30pm | £7/£5

Lisa Nicoll presents Home Run at the Arches, Glasgow.

Sometimes you have to go back to where it all started to know the truth…

Lucy sits and waits for her Dad to pick her up. She’s been away from everything for six months. Now she’s going home – home to where it all began. Sometimes, the way you remember things isn’t always the way is actually was.

Home Run is a one-woman play about hopes and dreams, letting go, moving forward and taking responsibility. Based on true stories, Nicoll’s strong narrative captures the everyday balance between humour and hard hitting emotional conflicts.

This premiere performance of the work is performed by Lisa Nicoll and directed by Leann O’Kasi, and will tour in January 2012.

See the video interviews of Lisa Nicoll and Leann O’Kasi talking about Home Run.


Lisa Nicoll is a playwright and actress based in Glasgow. Following the success of her first one-woman play Acceptance in 2008, Nicoll was asked to write the diaries of the main character in the Metro and was awarded the Playwrights Studio Mentoring Scheme in 2009. Her other work, which includes Touched, Daisies and short film Truth or Dare – has been seen all over Scotland, including the Edinburgh Fringe.

Home Run is funded by the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium.

Duration: 45 mins
Please enter through Argyle Street

“It’s a clever piece of writing and a heart-tugging story consummately performed; it’s everything one-woman theatre can, and should be”
Three Weeks on Acceptance at the Edinburgh Festival 2008

“The quality of Nicoll’s writing is striking, simple and emotional without cliché, and with moments of unobtrusive poetry”
The Scotsman on Daisies