A Moment's Peace Theatre Company


Sat 5 Mar 2011 | 5.55pm-9pm | £3

A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day with It’s Her Birthday – a relaxed, informal evening of performances celebrating and exploring the stories of women.

Embracing music, dance, poetry and theatre, artists and local groups will explore the links between personal narratives and wider political themes and the effect they have had on women’s lives, both now and throughout history.


As part of the event, A Moment’s Peace are looking for YOUR pictures of women. If you’d like to acknowledge someone who’s inspired you, whether personally or professionally, in a big or a small way, please send us a picture so we can include them on our “wall of women” – a photo wall displaying 100 women to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day.   

For full details, view the Inspirational Women – Call For Submissions PDF or read their Facebook note


Annie George of Wave Theatre presents
Wee Angel, an extract from “Noor”
With her life at breaking point, will Noor’s encounter with a figure from her past provide the answers for her future? 

Brian Ferguson and Jennifer Bates presents
A hope in the unseen
One Afghan woman’s story of the repercussions that arise after she decides to make her own decisions in love and life.

Clan Macondo presents
A Tribute to Toto La Momposina
Paying tribute to Toto La Momposina; more than just a singer. Toto La Momposina is also a cultural ambassador, working to keep alive the strong traditionas of the Colombian music and dance, celebrating it’s rich legacy in indigenous, African and Spanish roots and preserving it for future generations. 

Karina & Ben present
Songs that have inspired us.
Songs accompanied by keyboard.

Katy Baird presents
Box Piece
One woman, one question and one box. Recently I have been thinking about where we go and where we have been. If somebody asked you a question would you know the answer? What if there was no answer?  What if there was no question?  

Linda Duncan McLaughlin presents
Wake Up Call
A short story about a woman confronting an important decision as she moves into a new phase of her life. 

Molly Bunder presents
The Nobel Laureate
Pearl S. Buck, the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature (1938), speaks about her life in China, the controversy surrounding the Nobel award, and the importance of celebrating our own ‘peculiar individualities.’  

Rachel Amey presents
A selection of poems for performance – old and new. Sharp eyed writing with humour and poignancy, looking back a hundred years and raising a glass to a hundred more!   

Satya Dunning presents
A piece about my relationship with my mother and the unspoken between us. 

The Ukuladies present
The Ukes Worth To a Lady
The Ukuladies are a harmony enlightened, uke brandishing, performance group who transform original classics into sweet, tuneful bite size delights! With a brand new performance for each song they play, The Ukuladies go all out to deliver a new and wonderful interpretation of musical narratives. 

Articulate presents
A History of My Mum in Five Objects
Performed by a mother and daughter duo, A History of My Mum in Five Objects is a whistle-stop tour of the life of one woman: Jennifer Beesley.

The Women’s Creative Company
If I Were You and You Were Me
The WCC was set up by A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company and conFAB so that women of all ages and cultures from across Glasgow can come together and share their experiences, ideas and creative energy. This is their first performance as a group and it pays tribute to the women in our lives. To the ones that we know and the ones that we don’t.

Glasgow YWCA Young Women’s Social Group present
A Woman’s Choice
A short piece of theatre about the importance of education in a woman’s life and to those around her. 

All proceeds go to The Women’s Support Project and The TARA Project. If you have any questions about the event, please email 

Funded by the Women’s Fund for Scotland.