Jak Saroka: Acts of Self Love

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and The Arches present

Jak Saroka: Acts of Self Love

Part of Into The New 2015

Thu 15 Jan 2015 | 6pm - 10.15pm | Festival Pass: £16 | Day Pass: £5 (call 0141 565 1000 to book) | 18+

“Love doesn’t dominate, it cultivates” – Goethe

In some countries my way of being/living is a crime
I refuse to hide
I acknowledge the multiplicity of the self
I am reclaiming my abandoned parts

I offer self-love as a political act

A loving disruption
To the policing of the queer body

I open a space for you to witness my otherness
And question your own

To be both the disrupted
And the disruption

Intolerance has erased our histories
This denial of our past, threatens our existence in the present

Acceptance starts from within

Let’s call in to question the everyday compromises we make to fit in
To be considered “normal”

(I am making a connection between) VISIBILITY


(being visibly able to engage in)

Is my becoming
Are the culminations of my death-defying acts

Laid bare
In the hope that if I show you mine, you’ll show me yours

Jak Saroka is a queer art-maker.

She/he/they/ze/ey was born in the place of not knowing.

Jak sees vulnerability, otherness and sensitivity as super-powers.

She/he/they/ze/ey strives to be an embodiment of the politics, rather than simply a mouthpiece.

Jak stretches across many communities.

She/he/they/ze/ey thanks those giving support and space for her/him/them/hir/em to inhabit new places.

Jak will not sit down
Jak will not shut up
Jak will stir things up

Jak invites you on an adventure.

This is Jak Soroka’s first appearance, anywhere, ever.

About Into The New 2015 | a festival of new work from final year students of the BA Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

As we open the Pandora’s box of Into The New this year, we can be sure that the work of this group of graduating students will raise some ‘impertinent questions’. Their performances seek to offer intellect and challenge, hope and humour, bravery and commitment.

Your role, as audience is to ‘domesticate’ their ideas, to deal with them and perhaps to explain them, to yourselves, and to each other. With that we wish you luck, as the class of 2015 may refuse to be tamed!

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