Jenny Soep: Drawing Time and Attention - An Audience Member

Jenny Soep: Drawing Time and Attention - An Audience Member

Tue 24 May - Mon 20 Jun 2011 | Noon - midnight every day in Arches foyer | Free

Glasgow-based live artist Jenny Soep brings her exhibition to the Arches, Glasgow from 24th May to 20th June 2011.

You may have spotted Jenny Soep before, sitting by herself with her pencils, watercolours or iPad, down the front at a live arts event – whether music, theatre, poetry or dance – simultaneously observing and responding to what she sees and feels. Jenny draws periods of time and the performances that inhabit them, in doing so creating a tangible memory and a link between watched and experienced, performance and audience member.

Jenny has been drawing this way for more than ten years, capturing individual performances from acts such as Goblin and Billy Bragg as well as key events in the Scottish indie arts scene such as Frost And Fire and Music Without Sound. She draws those who also strive to push boundaries, experiment and improvise. For her latest appearance, she will be drawing Patti Smith and the Kronos Quartet at this year’s Polar Music Prize, with prints being given to those attending the banquet and the Laureates themselves the following day.

Using a variety of different materials, drawing techniques and technologies, she has cultivated a style that embodies the movement, energy, rhythms, colours and atmosphere experienced in a live event.

‘Soep has found a niche’ The Scotsman

‘I think the biggest compliment I can pay this work is “I wish I’d been there”… beautifully captured in a splash of orchestrated colour’ West End News, Glasgow