Katy Baird and Jonathan May: At Least We Tried

Katy Baird and Jonathan May: At Least We Tried

Part of Arches LIVE 2013

Sat 28 Sep 2013 | 1pm (40 mins) | £8/£6 - or buy a Festival Pass for £32/£26

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It began one day in a dirty kitchen. We decided to set up an agency, an agency to protest. We had big plans. We wanted to be a shop, an employer, a business and a charity. We ended up with a website, a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

At Least We Tried is a performance about setting up and running a ‘protest agency’ during the summer of 2012. The agency fulfilled requests from the public to protest on their behalf, which included: demonstrating for a four day week, objecting to frozen school dinners and a Pussy Riot Protest Weekender Package (only £9.99).

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Festival diary for Sat 28th Sep**:

10.30am-12 noon Arches Commons: Am I An Artist? (Cafe Bar)
12.30pm Visting Company: Panorama (Arch 6, 10 min slots)
1pm-1.40pm Katy Baird and Jonathan May: At Least We Tried (B3)
2.30pm-3.15pm Unboxed: I’m Still Gay And You’re Still Dying (Practice Room)
3.30pm-3.40pm Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony (Arch 2)
4pm-5.30pm Shafted!? Theatrical Dissidents: Shafted!? (Studio)

From 10am onwards:

Rachel Frances Sharpe: Smoke (Backstage Chamber, installation)
Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony (Arch 2, durational)
Unboxed: Break The Silence (B4, installation – 3.15pm onwards)

**all times are approximate