Leila Peacock: Anatomy Of Intention

The Arches presents

Leila Peacock: Anatomy Of Intention

Fri 10 Feb - Sat 31 Mar 2012 | Mon - Sat: 11am - late | Free

A series of prints which takes as its premise a small book of Scottish Country Dances which the artist found in a charity shop. Filled with immaculate diagrams for over 150 different folk dances, each is a map of physical intent – a potential narrative.

Like performance scores, each delineates a line of intention for the participants relying on a highly complex system of symbols to be read correctly. Like Beckett’s silences, Hanne Darboven’s numbers and Emily Dickenson’s dashes, here symbols are a way of writing without describing – turning print into action, dashes into dances.

Written in colloquial Scots, the humorous names speak of a vibrant oral culture: Kiss Under The Stars, Land O’Cakes, Soldier’s Joy, Wicked Willy, Rest And Be Thankful… In stark contrast to the grids of symbols, each name lies in wait like a story, as yet unwritten by the feet which will dance them.

Leila Peacock is an artist interested in turning ideas into objects, and objects into ideas.

Her first major art project The Cannibal’s Cookbook was a satirical cookery book containing twenty recipes for ‘humeat’ and went from a self-published book to a lecture, radio piece and performance lecture in London and Berlin. Her performance pieces Dinner and Sing. Speak. Scream. Sigh have been performed as part of Arches Live. She has lived and worked in artistic communities in Glasgow, London and Montreal, she currently lives in Berlin.