Lou Prendergast: Blood Lines

Culture 2014 and The Arches present

Lou Prendergast: Blood Lines

Wed 2 - Sat 5 Jul 2014 | 6.30-7.45pm | £12/£10

Blood lines, blood brother, sisterhood, hoods and chains, chains of slavery, enslaved blacks, black blood, black father, paternal love, maternal connection, Caribbean connection, patriarchy, patriotism, Scotland, Empire, The Crown, blue blood.

This is a play about power.

Blood Lines is a new theatre project written, directed and performed by Lou Prendergast. Joined on stage by her sister, Sophie; her uncle Neil Stewart on drums; Michael Abubakar on keys; and Graham Campbell on bass and storytelling, it draws upon Scots-Caribbean experience to raise questions about Scotland’s entanglement in the slave trade and explore how the Commonwealth’s themes of humanity, equality and destiny interact within the contemporary realities of racism, capitalism, feminism and homophobia.

Designed by Colin O’Hara, the production’s visual aesthetic creates a web of intrigue as the sisters reflect upon their Glasgow childhood in the 60s/70s with their late father, ‘Flash’ Harry Prendergast, and his dealings in the criminal underworld. The siblings explore hierarchies of power: from within their own family, to submission and dominance, and the ruling power structures at play that  facilitated the Scottish owned slave plantations in Jamaica, the former British Empire colony, where Harry was born and bred.

Blood Lines blends elements of the trilogy of works Waiting for My Daddy (Citizens Theatre, 2012); Whatever Happened to Harry? (The Arches, 2012); Fifty Shades of Black (Citizens Theatre, 2013) and Fifty Shades of Black (Dub Version) (CCA, 2013) to create a full-length theatre production.

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