On The Verge [Friday]

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland presents

On The Verge [Friday]

Emilie Konradsen | Rasa Niurkaite | Daniel Klarer | Eddy Mullarkey | Sarah Miele | Fiona MacKinnon | Laura Vingoe-Cramm | Rosa French & Claire Winkleback | Tori Burgess & Francesca Isherwood

Fri 5 Jun 2015 | Various times from 7pm | Day Pass £8/£6 (+ £1.50 online-only TF) | 18+



1900-1940 Emilie Konradsen: That fuckin’ F Word
2010-2050 Rasa Niurkaite: 20 Season’s
2120-2200 Daniel Klarer: Side effects include


1910-1950 Eddy Mullarkey: Grassy Overtones
2130-2145 Sarah Miele: If only my body would let me


1915-1950 Fiona MacKinnon: I can get along with shoes on my feet
2100-2120 Laura Vingoe-Cramm: Bee Catching


2000-2030 Rosa French & Claire Winkleback: The Hoard
2110-2150 Tori Burgess / Francesca Isherwood: The Quarter


Emilie Konradsen: That Fuckin’ F Word

Witty verbatim theatre exploring equality and feminism.

That Fucking F Word brings to life real peoples views on feminism. We’ve spoken to men and women, friends and strangers, young and old and share their stories and views on equality through an honest and humorous piece of verbatim theatre. We to give you a good night out and to open for some interesting discussions.

Oh and we promise great music.

CAST: Chloe-Ann Taylor and Emilie Mordal Konradsen
CO-CREATORS: Alex Kampfner and Rebekah Lumsden

Rasa Niurkaite: 20 SEASONS

Where would you go after your life gets taken from you?

20 SEASONS reveals the life that happens on the other side of a curtain. True stories told by ballet dancers. Forced to leave the stage, they face a personality crisis and a decision: to be strong and start their life from scratch or surrender to the feeling of being empty after the life they once knew no longer exists. How do you find a reason to go on?

CAST: Charlotte Driesseler, Jacob Vigeland, Alison Peebles

Daniel Klarer: Side effects include

Now, turn your head and laugh… sorry about the cold hands.

Are you not funny? Do you eat glue? Are you always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Is your mom your only fan? We, the doctors at the Professional Institution of Silly Science (PISS) are looking for test subjects for a new drug that we believe will cure the funny bone blues. Help us in our quest to give everyone the greatest gift of all: laughter. Also, but not limited to: free gifts, friends, a life worth living, and possibly constipation.

CAST: Dan Klarer, Cameron Varner, Claire See

Eddy Mullarkey: Grassy Overtones

Do more, feel better, live longer.

Joe is stuck in a rut. The outdoors isn’t a friendly place and the furniture of his flat don’t make for great company anymore. He’s trying to change his life around but isn’t quite sure how to do it. Maybe if he plays you a few songs and shows you some nice recipes you’ll help him out?


Sarah Miele: If Only My Body Would Let Me

Told through aerial performance If Only My Body Would Let Me is an ode to the child inside us that never dies but sometimes gets forgotten.

An old woman is packing up her life. A life lived, enjoyed and running out. The highs and the lows. The pinch yourself moments and the better off forgotten ones. With each memory rediscovered they begin to take life above her.

“I would dance all night again if only my body would let me”

CAST: Sarah Miele (performer), Nicholas Barton-Wines (director), Bobby Ginty (musical director).

Fiona MacKinnon: I can get along without shoes on my feet

“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person” – Andy Rooney.

Real people share their lifetime with us through a love of sounds and songs. Come meet the ‘humans of Glasgow’. Stories brought to life by two actors and live musician.

CAST: Victoria Burgess and Nicole Ubbelohode. MUSICIAN: Nicolette Corcoran

Laura Vingoe-Cramm: Bee Catching

A Memory Play.

A midnight in the future. A bedroom full of boxes, desk drawers, books, sheets, records, analogue tapes, suitcases, and empty bottles of miscellaneous alcohol. Nelly, a young woman, sits on the floor sorting through her rubbish bin. She finds a scrap of paper and reads…

CAST: Nelly: Sophie Kisilevsky

Rosa French & Claire Winkleback: The Hoard

Two women, Joan and Edith, have lived together for fifty years. They have a life of shared memories and live in domestic bliss. But…they’re surrounded by shit. They’ve been collecting for their entire lives, and now every trash bag and old newspaper is a precious treasure that must be kept. The hoard is threatening to engulf them. They’re in desperate need of professional help…but you’ll have to do.

CAST: Rosa French, Claire Winkleback

Tori Burgess & Francesca Isherwood: The Quarter

Flying on the fourth wall

What happens before the action of a play? What is spoken before the words are said? What do you really know about the people you are watching? How does it feel to hurtle towards that moment, when once again you have to go on and face a thousand strangers. Embrace the voyeurism.

CAST: Tori Burgess and Francesca Isherwood

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