Pause With A Smile

The Arches presents Platform 18 winner Gareth Nicholls

Pause With A Smile

Tue 5 - Sat 9 Apr 2011 | 5th, 6th, 8th: 7pm // 7th + 9th: 8.30pm | Tues: £5 // Wed-Sat: £11/£8

Have you heard the story of the farmer’s wife who lost her wedding ring only to find it forty years later inside a potato? Or the story of Martha whose first three husbands were all killed by lightning?

Coincidences happen every day – some funny, some tragic, some undeniably clichéd. But all of them make us stop to consider the possibilities. In this touching and comic performance, Gary McNair (Crunch, How Soon Is Nigh?) and Kieran Hurley (Hitch) invite you into their front room to present a remarkable collection of true stories that explore coincidence – and those moments in life that make us pause, if only for a second, and smile.

Written and directed by Gareth Nicholls, with original music by Michael John McCarthy (Zoey Van Goey).


Graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in 2006 with a BA hons in Contemporary Theatre Practice, Gareth Nicholls has directed works at the National Theatre of Scotland (Do a dance no-one can see you do and put it in a little bag), The Arches (Violent Night, Crunch) and Tramway (Razzmatazz), as well as acting as assistant director on works from That Face (Tron Theatre) and The Archivist/Instructions for butterfly collectors (Oran Mor/NTS/Traverse Theatre) to Old People, Children and Animals in Manchester with Quarantine and working alongside Pol Heyvaert (Campo, Belgium) on NTS’ Diaspora.

In 2006 Gareth won the Bruce Millar Award for theatrical direction and in 2008 he completed a year-long role as a National Theatre of Scotland Emerging Artist.

In association with the Traverse Theatre and National Theatre of Scotland.


There are 17 platforms at Glasgow’s Central Station. If platform 18 existed, where would it lead? The Arches Platform 18 Award (formerly the Arches Award for Stage Directors) gives groundbreaking, risk-taking emergent artists the chance to show us.

Committed to supporting the UK’s best emergent theatre makers, winners are offered the unique opportunity to stage a fully-funded production at the Arches and the Traverse Theatre, with the full artistic and practical support of both venues. With previous winners including Nic Green and Davey Anderson, the Platform 18 Award is a vital step in the journey for artists setting off in exciting new directions.

Pause With A Smile will be performed at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh from 14th – 17th April 2011 as a double bill with fellow Platform 18 winner, Money… The Game Show.