Robert Softley: Tell Me What Giving Up Looks Like

Culture 2014 and The Arches present

Robert Softley: Tell Me What Giving Up Looks Like

Wed 6 - Sat 9 Aug 2014 | 7.30pm (55mins running time) | £12/£10

‘Superhuman athletes’ or ‘inspirational victims of cancer’ – those are labels that we all understand. We also know how to deal with the ‘benefit cheats’ and ‘system scroungers’. But the reality – the actual truth – of disabled people and their lives doesn’t fit into these categories.

Two real people – one disabled athlete and one disabled artist – tell you the stories of how they became the people they are, with the careers they have. Some of these stories might inspire you – some of them might not – only you can make that call. We can promise to make you laugh, cry, think and change and we can promise* that everything you hear will be the absolute God’s-honest truth.

Joined on stage by BSL interpreter Siobhan Rocks and audio describer Christopher McKiddie, Robert Softley and disabled athlete Joe Brown will share their stories and put their ‘sporting’ skills to the test. Who will win? What does winning mean? Tell me what giving up looks like.

*These are not legally binding promises.

Watch the trailer for Tell Me What Giving Up Looks Like on Vimeo.

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