Scratch Night (June)

The Arches presents

Scratch Night (June)

Alan Bissett | Eilidh Daniels | Melanie Jordan | Melanie Forbes Broome | Juliette Burton

Tue 4 Jun 2013 | 7pm-8pm | £3.50 ticket includes a glass of wine or soft drink

The anarchic, anything goes evening which sees theatre companies, performers, writers and dancers from all fields take ten minutes to try an idea in front of an audience. Afterwards, the action moves to the bar, where the audience talks back.

This month’s line-up includes work from critically acclaimed writer and performer Alan Bissett, Eilidh Daniels, Melanie Jordan, Melanie Forbes Broome and Juliette Burton.


This month’s pieces


Alan Bissett

Ban This Filth!

Award-winning writer and performer Alan Bissett will be showing a rough extract from his new solo show in which he plays an exaggerated version of himself as well as the radical feminist and anti-porn campaigner Andrea Dworkin. Exploring feminism from a male point of view, and using stories from his own life, the show looks at the problems inherent in a man exploring definitions of the ‘correct’ feminism. How has his own use of porn ‘shaped’ him as a male? Has radical feminism been superceded by the ubiquity of internet porn and the rise of ‘pro-sex’ feminism?

Melanie Jordan
, Caitlin Skinner and Hana MacKechnie

In the most private of places you can flush away dirt in an instant. Sanitise follows a young woman who locks herself in her bathroom to indulge her passion for clean and explore her desire to be dirty.

Melanie Forbes Broome

The Exposed

Knowledge of growing, hunting and gathering has long been forgotten in a vast area of western culture, with man dependent on society to provide for him, and supermarkets becoming the sole providers for many people. Melanie Forbes Broome reflects on the absurdity of our culture’s attitudes towards food through movement and physicality.

Juliette Burton

When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up takes a look back at the careers that could have been. In a bid to realize as many of her childhood ambitions as possible, Juliette’s research for the show has included everything from volunteering at a farm, taking ‘princess lessons’, a week at patisserie school and learning what it takes to be a successful Muppet. Now’s your chance to find out what she learnt  – and whether she discovered her true vocation in the process.

Get involved

Scratch is the Arches’ way of giving companies, performers, writers, dancers and visual artists – basically, artists from any genre – a chance to try out a new idea in front of an audience.

Each quarterly event attracts an audience of theatre makers, performance artists, creatives and industry professionals who are all on hand to give you feedback in the break, and afterwards in the bar. Previous performers have gone on to develop their pieces at Arches LIVE and elsewhere.

Your piece should last 10 minutes, and some rehearsal space may be available for artists subject to availability.

For more details, get in touch on