Sexology Season

The Arches & The Wellcome Collection present

Sexology Season

part of Behaviour 2015

Sat 16 - Sun 17 May 2015 | 11am - 10pm | Day Pass £5 (+£1.50 online-only TF)

The Arches is very proud to be collaborating with Wellcome Collection as a national partner on the Sexology Season.

On the 16th and 17th May The Arches are hosting a weekend festival packed with exhibitions, performances, discussions, films and interactive installations.

Much of the programme is free including Curious Cafe where chatting is celebrated, Raising the Skirt where ‘flashing the cunt’ becomes a gesture of power, and The Birds and the Bees which presents 60 years’ worth of British sex education videos. A day pass for £5 invites you to Pillow Talk, a one-on-one with an artist in a bed; Tammy WhyNot asks us what we need to know about getting old and having sex, and the Sexology Salon reflects on the relationship between sex and political empowerment. Rosana Cade shares Walking:Holding through the streets of Glasgow and a Human Library will fill the foyer.

The weekend is a time to observe, question and disclose. Sexuality, gender, sex and ageing, media stereotypes, eroticism, female pleasure, masculinity, and sexual health are just some of the themes to be explored and discussed. The programme is designed to challenge, provide spaces for reflection and kickstart dialogues that too often fall silent.

Come feast on our aphrodisiac menu, share a bed with a stranger and join us to provoke and please your curiosities.

The Institute of Sexology is a Wellcome Collection exhibition in London open until 20 September 2015. Three accompanying programmes in Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow for 2015 will incorporate live performance, films, walks, talks, literature events and much more. The season invites artists, writers, film makers, academics, health professionals, sex-workers, over-65s, teenagers and cancer-patients to explore and question with us.

Wellcome Collection has worked with arts, culture and community partners, such as The Arches, to help programme and produce an array of exciting events to involve audiences and participants in a conversation about the most publicly discussed of private acts.

The national programme includes a related poetry tour, Sex in the Afternoon, featuring Malika Booker, Kei Campbell, Rachel Mars and Warsan Shire; Young people’s imaginative responses to recent sexology research are being explored through a national song-writing project. Sex by Numbers by David Spiegelhalter, published spring 2015, looks at our attitudes and behaviour, from one-night stands to transsexuality. Based on statistics from multiple studies, it unravels the web of exaggerations, misdirections and downright lies that surround sex in modern society. A companion interactive infographic lets you playfully explore the stats of sex:
Some work, like the interactive, will be available beyond the Season, e.g. films, debate vodcasts, a podcast drama, postcards, essays, a small touring exhibition and blogs.

Much more information is available at

Image: Fall II, 1992-1995. John Stezaker. Courtesy of The Approach, London UK


Saturday 16th

1000 – 1030: Launch and Intro
1000 – 2200: (Ongoing) Nicola Canavan with Dawn Felicia Knox Raising the Skirt
1000 – 2200: (Ongoing) Lucy Asten Holmes-Elliot Skoliosexual
1100 – 1430: (Ongoing) BFI‘s The Birds and the Bees
1100 – 1800: (Slots) Pillow Talk
1100 – 1800: (Slots) Rosana Cade Walking:Holding
1200 – 1400: (Ongoing) Human Library
1200 – 1900: (Ongoing) Curious Cafe [sign up on the day!]
1300 – 1500: (Slots) Lois Weaver‘s Intergenerational Long Table on the Weird and Wonderful World of Sex*
1400 – 1600: (Slots) Nicola Canavan with Dawn Felicia Knox Raise Your Skirt at The Arches [sign up on the day!]
1500 – 1700: Turn Me On, Dammit! with Post-Film Workshop*
1700 – 1900: (Ongoing) Human Library
1900 – 1930: Arches Community Choir I Touch Myself
1930 – 2045: Lois Weaver What Tammy Needs To Know About Getting Older And Having Sex*

Sunday 17th May

1000 – 1800: (Slots) Curious Cafe [sign up on the day!]
1000 – 2200: (Ongoing) Lucy Asten Holmes-Elliot Skoliosexual
1000 – 1800: (Slots) Nicola Canavan with Dawn Felicia Knox Raising the Skirt [sign up on the day!]
1100 – 1230: The Arches Commons Sexology Salon*
1100 – 1800: (Slots) Pillow Talk [sign up on the day!]
1200 – 1400: (Ongoing) Human Library
1300 – 1400: Rosana Cade Sitting:Thinking [sign up on the day!]
1400 – 1600: (Slots) Nicola Canavan with Dawn Felicia Knox Raise Your Skirt at The Arches [sign up on the day!]
1500 – 1700: Lois Weaver‘s Intergenerational Long Table on the Weird and Wonderful World of Sex*
1500 – 1800: BFI‘s The Birds and The Bees
1700 – 1900: (Ongoing) Human Library
1900 – 2200: End of Festival Gathering

*Shows marked with an asterisk are free, but ticketed. If you’re booking online, please drop us a line at so we can reserve your place for these shows.


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