Sita Pieraccini: Make a HOO

Sita Pieraccini: Make a HOO

part of Arches LIVE 2014

Thu 2 - Fri 3 Oct 2014 | 8.40 - 9.30pm | £8/£6 (Festival Pass £32/£26 | Day Pass £18/£12)

Hills of hums and plains of purrs set the scene for Make A HOO. Come chart the journey of a girl caught in an elaborate game of call and response with a shape-shifting being who only comes to life at night.

Saturated with the lure of adventure and risk, this solo performance draws on the relationship between song and labour, routine and recounting, and of trying to find your echo in a world of repetition. Coloured by live creature vocal imitations as well as radio technology, Make A HOO takes the form of modern folklore with a symphonic twist.


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8.40pm-9.30pm Sita Pieraccini: Make a Hoo [Studio]

Tickets on sale Monday 8 September


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