The Mutual: Lucky Today and No Man's Land

The Mutual: Lucky Today and No Man's Land

at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012

Thu 3 - Fri 4 May 2012 | Thurs 3rd: 4pm-6pm // Fri 4th: 6pm-8pm | Free

As part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, two art organisations come together across continents to offer new experiences and create new witnesses for the creative output of Iraqi artists.

The first, Lucky Today, is a moving image and live performance event. Curated by Jordan-based Rijin Sahakian and facilitated by Edinburgh-based artist Rachael Cloughton, it includes screenings of moving image work from Rheim Alkadhi and Hiwa K which challenges physical attempts at permanence used by dominant power hegemonies in photography, architecture, militarized zones, and other sites manifest for protest and intervention, whilst Rachael Cloughton’s film and performance work plays with ideas of distance, intimacy and the breakdown of public and private space through narratives and scenaries which are uncomfortable or challenging to confront. Using performance, text, and visual manipulations, Lucky Today re-interprets the possibilities of image-making and its supposed impenetrability.

The second, No Man’s Land, is indicative of what The Mutual Charter is all about in encouraging collaboration across distance as New Zealand-based animation artist Zennor Alexander and Aberdeenshire-based composer and vocalist Fiona Soe Paing come together to present an audio-visual performance combining projected animations, experimental electronica and live vocals. Their work will be shown as one screening with a live performance, followed by a moving image showcase featuring 15 Mutual members.

No Man’s Land
is commissioned by The Mutual for The Arches as part of The Mutual Charter in association with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012.

Lucky Today is presented by Sada (Echo) for contemporary Iraqi art, commissioned by The Mutual as part of The Mutual Charter in association with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2012.


Sada (which translates as Echo) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the generation and presentation of contemporary Iraqi art and its related disciplines through exhibition and public programs, education initiatives and research.

The Mutual
A membership organisation that adopts the visual language of Glasgow’s trades, guilds and industrial unions, The Mutual is an unusual and idealistic model that believes in a ‘power in numbers’ approach to the problems of current creative practice, encouraging artists to work together, pooling skills, experience and equipment, to bypass the economic restraints typically encountered by emergent artists and to realise ambitious ideas. It now comprises more than 150 emergent Glasgow-based artists.

The Mutual Charter
Drawing inspiration from Glasgow’s history of socialist investment in guilds and unions, a campaign-style build up of live and online events will take place towards the Glasgow International festival 2012, marking the progress of a series of fourteen simultaneous international projects. Each of these projects has been proposed and created by members of The Mutual in response to an open call to explore new and existing international links within The Mutual membership.

Throughout the festival you can find out more about all the Mutual Charter projects and activities using the Mutual Charter Map and at the four ‘Muster Points’. Spread across the city, the Muster Points will be marked by The Mutual banner and inhabited by Mutual members who can help with tickets, directions and information. At each of the points you can also see unique content produced by Mutual Charter projects.