Victoria Bianchi: God Loves A Trier

The Arches presents

Victoria Bianchi: God Loves A Trier

as part of Arches LIVE 2012

Mon 17 - Wed 19 Sep 2012 | Durational installation from 10am | Performance: 8.15pm (45 mins) | B2 | £8/£6

Festival pass: £32/£26 | Day pass: £18/£12 | Call 0141 565 1000 to book

Are we capable of seeing things through to the end anymore? What happens when we don’t get immediate results?

Finding herself at the age of 23 without any particular talents, Victoria Bianchi will attempt to learn three skills previously given up on – playing the piano, speaking Gaelic and tap dancing – as she invites the audience to call in and embrace their own notions of talent, success and failure in a society obsessed with all three.

Make a night of it!
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