Visiting Company: Panorama

Visiting Company: Panorama

Part of Arches LIVE 2013

Sat 28 Sep 2013 | Slots from 12.30pm (10 mins) | £5/£4

“…simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”
The Great Gatsby

Panorama is a vibrant, moving, musical and inventive large-scale experiment which will try to capture the extremes, inbetweens and possibilities of who we are, individually and together. Experience a live installation made of a 100-strong community cast, that attempts to capture the rich and overwhelming nature of life as part of an increasingly connected world. Lasting only ten minutes for a small audience and made with a creative team spanning disciplines, this live narrative “painting” is a human tapestry of living now.

Panorama needs volunteers from the community to help bring this project to life. All that is required is one short evening rehearsal, and a ten minute performance on Sat 28th Sep. If you’d like to participate then please contact See here for more details.

Directed by Debbie Hannan.


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Festival diary for Sat 28th Sep**:

10.30am-12 noon Arches Commons: Am I An Artist? (Cafe Bar)
12.30pm Visting Company: Panorama (Arch 6, 10 min slots)
1pm-1.40pm Katy Baird and Jonathan May: At Least We Tried (B3)
2.30pm-3.15pm Unboxed: I’m Still Gay And You’re Still Dying (Practice Room)
3.30pm-3.40pm Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony (Arch 2)
4pm-5.30pm Shafted!? Theatrical Dissidents: Shafted!? (Studio)

From 10am onwards:

Rachel Frances Sharpe: Smoke (Backstage Chamber, installation)
Louise Ahl: NICE Opening Ceremony (Arch 2, durational)
Unboxed: Break The Silence (B4, installation – 3.15pm onwards)

**all times are approximate