Whatever Gets You Through The Night

The Arches presents a major new Vital Spark commission:

Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Created by Cora Bissett with Swimmer One and David Greig

Tue 26 - Fri 29 Jun 2012 | 8pm (Preview: Tues 26th at 6pm) | COMPLETELY SOLD OUT.


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Featuring exclusive new words and music by

Errors, Alan Bissett, Rachel Sermanni, Withered Hand, Annie Griffin, Meursault, David Greig, RM Hubbert, Wounded Knee, Alan Spence, Ricky Ross, Conquering Animal Sound, Emma Pollock, Isabel Wright, Kirstin Innes, Swimmer One, Bigg Taj, Stef Smith, Eugene Kelly, Talkingmakesnosense, David Ireland, Kieran Hurley, Skye Loneragan

Some of Scotland’s most distinctive novelist, poets, musicians, songwriters, playwrights and you: a nation of people, awake in the dark, waiting for the light to come.

Whatever Gets You Through The Night is an ambitious new multi-disciplinary live event featuring actors, visuals by Kim Beveridge, aerial work, new writing by some of Scotland’s top novelists, poets and playwrights, and a whole album’s worth of original music by acclaimed Scottish musicians, some of whom will perform live in the show.

Created by Cora Bissett with Swimmer One and David Greig, the show will be quite unlike anything else – a visual and aural banquet blending circus, cabaret, and a host of stories – all of which take place across Scotland between the hours of midnight and 4am. A heartfelt goodbye on the shore of Loch Lomond, an Skype affair between two people who never meet, a man searching for a lover in ‘the palace of light’, a character lost in a virtual reality game world, and an homage to the joys of chips and cheese… Come and meet lost souls, party animals and dreamers in a snapshot of an entire nation at its most vulnerable and revealing.

As well as the live show, this unique, groundbreaking project also takes the form of a book, an album (released by Biphonic Records) and a film (directed by Daniel Warren) which will premiere at the Summerhall venue during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe before going on tour.


As part of this boundary-breaking project, we’re also inviting people from all over the country to submit their nighttime photos for potential inclusion in the show. It can be of absolutely anything at all, but the aim is to capture a moment, and it must be taken between midnight and 4am.

If you’d like to submit something, simply upload your photo to the Whatever Gets You Through The Night Facebook page or email throughthenight@gmail.com.

We don’t need any text explanation, just a caption stating the time and place.


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Whatever Gets You Through The Night has been made possible by Vital Spark funding from Creative Scotland.