The Arches presents


John Knox Sex Club // Small Scale Collisions

Mon 23 May 2011 | 7pm | £7 + bf

Emeralds at the Arches, Glasgow in May 2011.

Fusing ambient electronica, 80s synths, krautrock and Kosmische Musik, Emeralds have become an underground gem since their inception in 2006.

Starting out under the name Fancelions in 2005, the Ohio trio changed their name to Emeralds the following year after they shifted their focus to live improvisation, creating electro-acoustic soundscapes using analog synthesizers, guitar synthesizers and vocals, as well as electronics and field recordings.

Releasing over 40 recordings in various formats since then, early albums Solar Bridge (2008), What Happened (2009) and Emeralds (2009) were celebrated for their contemplative, drifting explorations of the analog synthesizer and drone soundscapes, earning comparisons with Tangerine Dream and John-Michel Jarre, amongst others.

Fourth album Does It Look Like I’m Here favours, somewhat contrary to the title, a more concise framework, with only one track running over ten minutes. Hailed by critics as their best, or at least their most accessible, album yet – becoming Album Of The Year on Drowned in Sound – and having opened for both Throbbing Gristle and Caribou, their status as an underground indulgence may well be set to change.

With support from John Knox Sex Club and Small Scale Collisions.

Enter on Midland Street