Glasgow Music & Film Festival 2011

Glasgow Music & Film Festival 2011

Thu 17 - Sun 27 Feb 2011

Now in its third year, the Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2011 is a series of one-off events combining audio and visuals. Part of the Glasgow Film Festival, it is lovingly co-curated by film buffs and music geeks from the GFT and the Arches, whose hand-picked, carefully curated programme of live events and films aims to strike the perfect balance between reverent celebration and future innovation in music, film and the culture that unites them. The results range from the entertaining, to the inspirational, to the downright weird.

With highlights of the 2010 festival earlier this year including Zombie Zombie’s adrenaline-thumping interpretation of the music of John Carpenter and Thomas Truax’s enigmatic tribute to David Lynch, this year’s festival pushes the creative ethos even further, with GOBLIN, ZOMBIE ZOMBIE, 65DAYSOFSTATIC, DAVIE SCOTT & DUGLAS T STEWART, LUCKY DRAGONS and many more being selected to interpret, rework and pay homage films such as The Wicker Man, Battleship Potemkin, Silent Running and The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

The gigs will be complemented by a varied film programme shown at the GFT. Watch out for the full programme available soon.

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