Come and work at the Arches.

The sweat that often comes out of the bricks is evidence of the people’s hard work to put the event on and of how much the public enjoyed the show.

Yes, we’re famous for challenging the status quo and for our eclectic programme of events. The people behind the scenes who make this possible are as eclectic and talented as the shows we put on.

Yes, we’ve achieved several times IIP status but we wouldn’t be the Arches if we were satisfied with doing just that.
We also help develop local talent through our employment strategy. We have internships, apprenticeships and professional skills recognition schemes in place as well as in house training and development programmes to help us do just that. We push the boundaries in personal and professional development to maximise our performances and to achieve a great level of customer service.

Many people who apply for our job vacancies are regular visitors who are passionate about the place and about what we do. Most only know one of our multiple faces though. It’s a start for working here but far from being sufficient. Showing a personality as flexible to learning as our spaces are to presenting challenging events is essential.

Working for a charity such as ours requires having a common purpose, a great drive, enthusiasm for what we do, people who can communicate their passion to others, be thought provoking, challenge the status quo and look at continuous improvement. Many have started in junior positions here and through their continuous development have achieved great careers with us and within the Arts. We are looking for people with a mind open to learning as well as possessing a professional attitude, people with a thirst for bringing the best out of others, people who are flexible in their ways of working, people that will help us progress further. Only those will be short listed for interviews.


“The sweat that often comes out of the bricks is evidence of the people’s hard work to put the event on and of how much the public enjoyed the show.”

“I’ve heard it so many times before: “Yes, but we’re different here, these practices don’t apply here”… For once it’s the truth at the Arches; we’re different, we do things differently and still provide great professional service with respect for each individual”.

If this profile looks like you then check our vacancies sections on the right. If there is nothing up there at the moment that corresponds to your talents and aspirations, then drop me a line at to let me know about your plans. Please bear in mind that we receive a great deal of unsolicited applications and cannot keep hold of everyone’s so keep clicking on this page for regular updates. Alternatively, you can follow us on TwitJobSearch and on our Facebook page under the name of Arches Jobs. You would then receive instant notifications about all our vacancies.

Please note that we are unable to accept CVs without a completed application form.



Deadline: Sun 31 May 2015




Deadline: Sun 31 May 2015