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“It takes a child. They don’t even know they exist yet. Not really. Or rather they haven’t worked out that one day they will not. We are the only animal on earth who has worked this out. It’s why art exists. It’s us trying to come to terms with this, whatever form it takes. It is not useless. It is everything.”

Rob Drummond, Wrestling, February 2011

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For each of the 250,000 people passing through our doors each year the Arches represents something entirely different. A night club, a gig venue, a space for experimental performance, perhaps all three… whatever it is, at the heart of each and every experience within this building is the Arches’ fundamental objective: sharing. Sharing words, sharing ideas, sharing unspoken thoughts, sharing a grin, sharing a moment.

Whatever you’re sharing, it’s happening right now, between these people, and you’re now a part of it. It might be forgotten about the next day; it may just change the world. It doesn’t really matter. Something in the world has irreversibly changed, and it was facilitated by this unique building.

In terms of Glasgow’s cultural landscape, the Arches is unrivalled. It’s evident that no other venue in the city offers such a diverse range of experiences, as a quick behind-the-scenes glance would confirm, with risk-taking performance art and dynamic learning workshops competing for attention as, in the next arch, tomorrow’s most exciting band finish their sound check as walls of formidable Funktion 1 bass bins are rolled in to herald the arrival of the latest name in European techno.

But, more importantly, no other venue in the country does so whilst at the same time committing themselves so passionately and single-mindedly to seeking out the most boundary-breaking, innovative new artistic ideas in Scotland and giving them a space to flourish, to develop, to mutate; whether to rip it up and start again or to grow legs and allow  these artists to gain International recognition,  as was the case with Nic Green’s multi-award winning production, Trilogy.

In terms of Glasgow’s cultural landscape, the Arches is essential. Essential to the city’s enviable reputation across the UK and Europe as a fertile artistic hub, essential to the wellbeing of its residents, and essential to today’s brave young artists with these radical new ideas.

This support is at the very core of our programme: from the Platform 18: New Work and Brick awards to our annual festival of new work Arches LIVE and the numerous creative learning projects which take our ethos out of the building and into the places where it can be of most benefit.

Without a supportive and encouraging space – in both practical and ideological terms – tomorrow’s emergent artists would be stopped before they even began, leaving a gaping hole in the city’s once-rich creative fabric.

This is where you come in.

Few people realise that the Arches is a not-for-profit registered Scottish charity, meaning all profits made from our gigs and club nights, bars, café and corporate events are reinvested in the arts and creative learning programme. Whilst our leading arts organisation status is recognised by public subsidy from Glasgow City Council and Creative Scotland, this funding only accounts for around 15% of our annual turnover. Post recession austerity measures are impacting on the arts sector and combined with the prevailing challenging financial climate we need to look at alternative funding methods to maintain the volume and quality of work we currently support.

If you’d like to keep the Arches sharing, please help us by making a donation of whatever you can afford:

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