Are you a plant lover? Do you love keeping pots on your balcony? Or are you looking for plants that you can keep in full sun or shade? If your answer to any of these, or all these questions, is yes, then you have landed on the perfect page. We have written this article to guide you in the direction of the best evergreen plants for pots.

Having pots in the outdoors is the best way you can beautify your place. Being surrounded by nature is the best experience you can have. A natural vibe calms down the atmosphere and provides peace of mind. If you have a balcony, garden, an open space, or an empty place in your house, you can consider placing a pot with some plants in them.

The main question here is what to plant; if you struggle to decide this, we have covered you. Among the tons of options available, we have provided the 20 best evergreen plants for pots that you can choose to plant at your place.

Peruvian Lily

Peruvian Lilies are versatile plants. They are available in many colors, including pink, white, salmon, yellow, purple, red, and orange. They not only make a beautiful addition to indoor bouquets but are perfect gifting options for your loved ones.

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To have these in your house, you can start from Peruvian Lily bulbs or seeds, which are widely available online. They prefer some sun each day and can tolerate shaded locations, especially in scorching climates.

Luma Apiculata

Native of Chile, Luma apiculate, are beautiful flowers, each about three-fourths of an inch wide. They consist of four cup-shaped, white petals, surrounded by a puff of numerous filigrees like stamens.

These shrubs or small plants with evergreen foliage are best to have on your balcony. Their glossy dark green leaves have a spicy scent to them if crushed.


Bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants. Lucky Bamboo is a well-known plant for bringing good fortune and is a good décor addition to your home. It is believed that it extracts good positive energy from your home or office. It is also a perfect gifting option.

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Gifting a lucky bamboo is assumed to bring good luck to the receiver. Indoors it is estimated to grow 2 to 3 feet in height. You can plant it in a transparent glass vase with pebbles and an inch of water or in ceramic pots with soil. Adding liquid fertilizer once a week will motivate your plant’s growth and keep it healthy.


Growing up to a height of 60 meters, these evergreen plants have a compact and dense foliage. These plants are bright, lustrous, with deep green soft foliage. They are perfect for use as screening or windbreak and are versatile, strong-rooted and virtually disease free.

Being dense they require large ceramic pots that can hold as least 20 gallons of potting soils. It requires high- quality potting soil containing perlite or vermiculite to retain moisture and improve drainage.

Kalmia Latifolia

This stunning mountain laurel shrubs comes with beautiful red blooms. They come with many accents of pink and prefer part shade but can tolerate full sun.

You can plant these flowers in soil that is cool, moist, well- drained and are acidic in ph. This broadleaf evergreen shrub with showy spring flowers is also great gifting option for your loved ones. Their bright color can impress anyone and everyone.


If you have a shady patio, or porch, you can add this versatile foliage plant to accent the space. Hosta’s make excellent shade plant but are not only limited to shady places.

They can also survive moderate sunlight and work well in containers. Hosta’s need to be watered regularly. However, there should not be standing water in the pot as it may rot the roots of the plants.rk well in containers as related to shady places. they

Lobelia Ernicus

This perennial plant with towering spikes of deep- red blooms complemented with bronze foliage are perfect to have both inside and out. Its bright color livens every bit of space making it perfect for hanging baskets. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for trailing plants for pots in your garden.


Agapanthus is believed to have this unique property of increased flowering when its roots are restricted, making it a perfect pot plant. Although it does not require much care, to maintain it healthy, it should be repotted from time to time.

This plant has a lot of colors to offer. Agapanthus can bring blue, pink, purple, white and a variety of different colors to your space. This beautiful, versatile plant can light up any space are perfect for your garden.

Red and White Desert Rose (Adenium obesum)

This ornamental small succulent plant is native to Africa and Arabia. The plants adapt easily to growing in pots. It requires full sunlight and blooms in spring season. Desert rose requires well drained soil. With its striking color, it can brighten up any space.


Coming in a variety of colors, white, pink, maroon, and any many others, these are one of the prettiest flowers you can have in your garden. Cosmoses are dainty and wonderful when planted amongst the tall perennials that stop blooming early in the year. They are annual and grown for their showy flowers. They are easy to grow and can make a good border or container plants.


The word Clematis comes from a Greek word clematis meaning a climbing plant. They are suitable for growing in containers. This evergreen plant is sold tied to an upright stake. This flowering wine is perfect for the edge of the container. Blooming abundantly in an array of colors, these flowers are available in shades of pink, deep purple, blue, red, and white. An ideal time to plant these are in early spring in a large size container.


This species of evergreen climbing or ground-creeping woody plants are most useful and attractive plants for pots. They have dark-green, shiny leaves with curled edges and primarily sought as trailing ground cover lawn.

Popularly known as a climbing vine, they are often used to brighten up shady areas. They can also be grown as a climbing ornamental plant to cover buildings and reduce cooling costs. They look wonderful in containers or baskets or draping over walls.

Bay Tree

Commonly used in cooking due to its aroma, it adds up essence to every soup and dish. The plant grows well in well-drained soil, with a generous amount of compost. It can be placed in outdoor patios or balconies as them being a bonsai, a little sun will not do any harm to them. Make sure to water them deeply and allow the soil to dry out slightly in between.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Known for its striking deep green color, leaves of this plant grow upwards on long stalk making this a perfect plant to be placed in gardens. They grow well in lower light and should be kept away from direct sunlight. They need less water and can rot if excess water is provided to them. Water them only when the soil has dried.

Clethra Alnifolia

Typically used as a shrub for natural gardens, it is fully rooted in the soil, and can be planted immediately. Clethra has shiny deep green foliage that fills its branches and features incredibly fragrant, small white flowers in July and August.

Fountain Grass

This red Fountain grass with its glossy foliage growing upright looks incredibly beautiful. It produces soft flowers plumes that emerges in June. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies and is a real show- stopper for any place.

Coreopsis tinctoria

Coreopsis tinctoria in a large pot combined with other annuals and perennials looks great. These can be grown using seeds and are perfect to be added in your lawns and gardens. With its high germination rate, it is very easy to grow them as well.


Impatiens Balsamina or Balsam is a long-blooming annual. It comes in a variety of colors, salmon, violet, scarlet, rose, and white. With its attractive foliage, Balsam makes a perfect flower for any garden. The flower seeds germinate quickly, and the plant grows rapidly, blooming when it is just 3 to 4 inches tall.


Being an excellent choice for a colorful hedge, this evergreen shrub displays dense, bold green and gold variegated foliage on an upright grown habit.


Isn’t this supposed to be an obvious choice? With its attractive color, these perennial plants require little or no maintenance but look beautiful in all spaces and are perfect addition for your gardens.


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