We all have people in our circle who are simply lucky. There is no other explanation for why things always work out for them except that they have luck on their side.

So how is it that some people consistently get lucky? Can you also get luck on your side whenever you want to? Let’s have a look at the 5 common traits of lucky people. Maybe you have something in common!

Positive Mindset

Surprised to see this trait on the list? You shouldn’t, because as cliché as it may seem, an optimistic attitude goes a long way. Some people win easily at pokies or lotteries. Apart from their impeccable gaming skills and exploring the https://gamblenator.com/ site for some tips, another thing that helps them achieve success in betting is a positive attitude.

Positive Mindset

This particular trait is more important than you think. The rule is simple, negativity attracts bad things in life, while positivity is the ultimate luck magnet. Still not convinced? Take the example of Thomas Edison. He failed hundreds of times before inventing the electric light bulb. This was only possible because of his optimism towards his goal. So always think positive and remove all the negativity from your life.

Braveness and Risk-Taking

We often hear the famous saying that fortune always favours the brave. Ever asked yourself why? The answer is simple: good things lie on the other side of risks. Lucky people are well aware of this fact. Whenever they have to make decisions that seem uncertain or entail a great change in life, they take such risks.

This boldness brings good luck in their life. Not everyone likes to get out of their comfort zone, and this is exactly why not everyone gets lucky in life. Because lucky people are never shy of trying new things no matter how scary they appear.

Never-Give-Up Attitude

Never-Give-Up Attitude

Lucky people never give up. The more they face failures the more they try to succeed in their goal. Resilience is their trademark trait. Remember that it is normal to fail in life. Each failure leaves a person with two choices. Either accept it thinking that they will never be able to succeed in life, or take the failure as a learning curve and try even harder.

Luck is only on the side of people who fall into the latter category. Whether you’re trying something new, like playing Free Slots no Download or learning a new hobby, you’re more likely to succeed with a lot of practice. Determination is your solution.


If you take a closer look at all the people you think are lucky in life, you will see that they radiate an immense amount of self-belief. You automatically trigger the luck part of your life when you believe in yourself and your capabilities. That is exactly how lucky people get. They believe! This creates a positive mindset, which results in self-motivation and self-confidence.

This triggers the opening of new and better avenues in their lives. We all have read and watched Harry Potter, right? Its writer, J. K. Rowling had to experience a lot of struggle before getting her first book published. She used to live on welfare as a single mother. However, she believed in her writing abilities and eventually came up with the masterpiece we know as Harry Potter today.

Giving Attitude

All the celebrities are seen as the luckiest people on earth. The same people also make the headlines for their philanthropic work. Lucky people enjoy sharing everything they have, from wealth to knowledge to experience. They genuinely want to help others succeed in life and, therefore help as many people as they can and in whatever way they can.

Bill Gates established the Gates Foundation in 1994. Even after spending billions of dollars through this philanthropy venture, his wealth has only increased with time. This proves that lucky people have a giving attitude and they never hesitate to share.

The Popular Luck Symbols

The Popular Luck Symbols

Many people tend to believe in superstitions. Since they aren’t scientifically proven, they often exist as cultural traditions or personal beliefs passed down through generations. These superstitions hold sway over many individuals, influencing behaviours, decisions, and cultural practices in various aspects of life.

Below, we have listed some popular charms you can use to bring good luck to your side:

  • Rabbit’s foot: Believed to bring good luck and protection, originating from African American folklore.
  • Lucky cat (Maneki-Neko): A Japanese figurine believed to bring prosperity and good fortune to its owner.
  • Wishbone: Breaking the wishbone and making a wish is thought to bring good luck if the larger piece is obtained.
  • Acorns: Seen as symbols of potential and strength, representing growth and prosperity.
  • Elephants: Revered as symbols of wisdom, strength, and good luck in many cultures, especially with their trunks raised.
  • Ladybug: Considered a symbol of good luck and protection, and finding one is believed to bring good fortune.
  • Dreamcatcher: Originating from Native American culture, it’s believed to trap bad dreams and let good ones pass through, bringing luck and protection to the owner.


Luck seems like something that is a gift. However, it depends greatly on the characteristics of a person. Having a positive attitude towards things, believing in your abilities and potential to achieve your goals, never giving in to failures and setbacks in life, being brave while making choices, and always trying your best to share your experiences with others is the recipe for being lucky. Develop these attributes today and see yourself having all the luck in the world!


Charlotte Harding

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