Let’s face it, mowing large lawns is a pain. It’s strenuous and time-consuming, and you might find patches of unevenly cut areas. Nothing is more dissatisfying than that.

Having the right mower can cut your pain down to a zero, especially if you are using a zero-turn mower. These fast machines are incredibly adept at a perfect mowing.

Zero-turn differs from a regular lawn tractor mainly in two ways: There are no steering wheels and its mowing deck is in front of the mower. Believe it or not, these two features and a few other characteristics make a zero-turn mower a game-changer.

The advantages of using a zero-turn mower on your lawn are many. Check out these seven perks of buying one.

Clear View

Mowing with a lawn tractor can be immensely annoying because its large front blocks your view. You can not see whether you are getting the best cut. Not being able to see below might also bring misfortune to some small, particularly slow animal.

Steer clear of uneven mowing and keep it animal friendly. With a clear view, you can get that perfect cut, without having to put in any extra effort. You will not only reduce mowing time but also eliminate the need to mow again to fix the unnecessary mistakes.

Zero-turns are easy to use and you do not have to struggle with a steering wheel. It makes lawn mowing more comfortable as you can have a clear view of what is going on in front of you.

Faster Mowing

Having to mow large lawns takes a lot of time. Even with a tractor mower, you might have to sit behind the wheels for hours. Imagine doing that with a push mower or a stand-on mower. The right mower can prevent your chore from becoming a weekly nightmare.

A zero-turn mower can cut your mowing time to half. It is easier to use and makes your mowing less strenuous. It gives you a better view, reducing the need for double mowing and prevents ending up with bald patches.

Mow better at a faster speed. On an average zero-turn mower, you will enjoy cutting the grass at a speed of 5 to 8 mph.

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Easier To Maneuver

To get that perfect cut, you need a machine that is easy to maneuver. With a tractor mower, making proper turns and working yourself out of tight areas becomes a massive problem.

A zero-turn mower’s two handles make it effortless to maneuver. As its rear wheels can move in every direction, you can make 180 and 360 degree turns with ease.

This makes dodging obstacles like shrubs and trees a piece of cake. Work tight areas like edges and corners, and make quick turns with ease on a zero-turn mower. It is great for working in both large and small areas.

With enhanced control and maneuverability, you can make your machine do exactly what you want, making mowing easier than ever before.

Get the Professional Look

Feeling jealous of the people with perfectly cut lawns, with even stripes or patterns? Your lawn can look like that too.

If your lawn grass is not evenly cut and has many bald patches, it ruins the aesthetics. A tractor mower is difficult to turn and has a wide turning radius. It leaves a lot of uncut regions that need to be mowed over, which means you need to make more turns.

With the efficient movement of the zero-turn mower, you can make your lawn look professionally mowed. Its ability to make 180 turns means you can get perfect patterns from the turns. Do it right and you will leave no uncut regions, getting immaculate stripes on the first round!

Saves Time By Reducing Weed Eating

Inaccurate mowing leaves a lot of ground to cover for weed eating. No one likes having to work twice, especially when covering a large area. After spending hours on strenuous mowing, weed eating becomes a massive pain.

As mentioned before, the zero-turn mower has accurate maneuverability and great radius coverage. You can operate closely around obstacles, and cover more lawn areas. When properly used, it can completely eliminate the need of using a weed eater.

No weed-eating means less time needed for lawn care, making it more efficient and hassle-free. You do not need to neglect your lawn care and your lawn will have that professional cut look every week!

Various Models

The amazing thing about zero-turn mowers is that you can find it in different models. Some are commercial grade and some are perfect for home use. You can find it in various sizes and price ranges. Each comes with different features catering to cutting needs and comfort.

Add-On Features

Your zero-turn mower can accommodate numerous features that increase its efficiency and functionality. Here are a few possible add on features.

Sun Canopy

Working long hours under the sun can turn you into a sweating and sunburnt mess. You can find zero-turn mowers with a cooling and protective canopy that keeps the damaging ultraviolet rays away. You can work long hours in comfort, without getting a heat stroke and avoiding sun damage.

Collecting For Clippings

Some of these lawn mowers come with a feature that collects the grass clippings in a bag or a bin. This feature is widely popular because it makes cleaning-out grass clippings easier. The bags are often attached to the rear and the bins are found on the side.

Some come with the technology that blows the grass directly into the collection pouch, making cleaning up clipping super easy. Some have multiple collection units which means you can work longer hours without having to empty the bags or bins.

Rear Attachments

You can find numerous rear attachments for zero-turn mowers. For example, a dump cart for carrying around clippings, dead leaves, etc. Other rear attachments include sprayers, spreaders, aerators, dethatchers, rollers, etc. You can carry out multiple functions with this one sophisticated machine.

Features Handling Snow

Did you know that you can even use your zero-turn mower to clear snow? Yes, with a front-mounted blade you can clear out snow with your mower. It is so versatile that you can even attach a snowblower or a brush to clear out the snow. It is a useful machine for taking care of your lawn in every season.

Final Thoughts

A zero-turn mower is a versatile machine for lawn care. Its many advantages include accurate and neat grass cutting, efficient mowing, excellent speed, amazing maneuverability, etc.

You can carry out complete lawn care with this incredible mower. Make your lawn the envy of your neighbors.


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