Everyone, when building their home, would like to make sure that all the elements of the house are of the best quality and that they will perform well for many years. There is nothing surprising in this, after all, this is the place where we should feel, above all, safe and comfortable.

In this context, both its interior and exterior are just as important. However, in today’s article we will take a closer look at the latter, more specifically, the roof and what material is worth making it out of.

Among the many options available on the market, synthetic slate tiles from DaVinci roofscapes definitely stand out. So let’s find out why they are so well regarded, what their advantages are and whether they are really worth betting on.

What Are DaVinci Synthetic Slate Tiles?

So, let’s start with the basics, in order to make well sure that when finishing your roof you should opt for synthetic slate tiles offered by Evanston DaVinci roofing contractor, you first need to know what they actually are and what their characteristics are.

Namely, these are tiles made of plastic (a mixture of resins and polymers), which perfectly imitate natural stone. In addition to the fact that their appearance is very close to that of their natural counterpart, the roofing tiles we are describing also have other, and better, properties.

DaVinci synthetic slate tiles are very modern tiles, which were created using innovative technologies that made it possible to create a product that really stands out from the numerous competitors. Yes, as we have already mentioned, these are tiles made of synthetic materials, however, their appearance is very close to their natural counterpart.

Therefore, if someone cares about the original and natural look of the roof, however, would prefer to forgo the use of heavy and difficult to install stone, it is definitely worth choosing DaVinci synthetic slate tiles. Thanks to its natural appearance, the product we describe fits into virtually any design.

As we mentioned, the product we are describing is unique not only in terms of the technologies used to manufacture it, but also because of the numerous advantages it has. There are many properties worth mentioning, so we will list them in detail in the next paragraph.

Advantages of DaVinci Synthetic Slate Tiles

So, now that we have briefly introduced what DaVinci synthetic slate tiles actually are, it’s time to move on to the most important part of this article and present their advantages. As we mentioned, the product we are describing has many interesting properties that make it stand out from its numerous competitors.

However, the most important of these is its exceptional resistance to external factors, albeit such as heavy rain, snow or hail. In addition, it is worth noting that DaVinci synthetic slate tiles are also resistant to very strong winds reaching up to 110 mph and have the highest possible class of fire resistance, making it a truly exceptionally durable product.

In addition to this, it is also worth mentioning that DaVinci synthetic slate tiles, unlike natural stone, are available in a very large number of shapes and colors, so they fit into virtually any architectural style.

Above that, another feature that distinguishes the product we are describing from its natural counterpart is the fact that it can be cut much more easily and quickly if necessary, without worrying about it cracking in an undesirable way, which cannot be said of natural stone.

Another advantage of DaVinci synthetic slate tiles is their weight. Unlike natural stone, the product we are describing is relatively lightweight, so it does not put as much strain on the roof structure, as well as the entire house. In addition, due to their lighter weight, DaVinci synthetic slate tiles are much easier to install.

We left the key advantage for the very end. Namely, it would seem that by its numerous advantages and the use of modern technologies, DaVinci synthetic slate tiles should be really expensive. On the other hand, nothing could be further from the truth – the product we are describing is available at very affordable prices, and most importantly, at its regular price, it is even cheaper than its natural counterpart.


In conclusion, there is not the slightest doubt that when choosing a material for finishing your roof, it is worth opting for DaVinci synthetic slate tiles, because as we have presented, it is a great product that with its impressive properties outclasses the competition in many respects.

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