Everyone is aware of the fruits, a delicious part of edible items. But about the Dragon Fruits? The dragon fruits might not be that common, but they are also a type of fruit. Dragon fruits have special characteristics for their protection from several angles. But what protects them, and are they or their plants spiky?

We have covered more information about this crucial topic related to the dragon fruits and the plants, so keep if you want to know more about the dragon fruit plants and the spiky plants.

In this post, we have covered Dragon fruit plants spiky to help you know more about spiky fruit plants.

Appearance of Dragon Fruit

Appearance of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits are also commonly known as Pitaya fruits. Regarding the looks and appearance, the dragon fruit looks like an edible mass with a scale-type outer layer. When it comes to the color, the Dragon Fruits are either Pink Or Yellow in the color. This fruit is a tropical fruit and is often available in some marketplaces as well.

The Dragon fruit has small thrones on the outer scale layer if it is yellow. These small thrones help the Dragon fruit to save itself from the animals and rodents. The interesting fact of the dragon fruit’s appearance is that these thorns are there until the fruit is smaller and starts ripening. Gradually, these thrones disappear when the fruit is ripped and ready to use.

Dragon Fruit Plants

Dragon Fruit Plants

Dragon fruit plants are the Pitaya plants that look like cactus plants. They are the Vining cactus plants, so yes, they are spiky. They can be grown by the seed. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to put in more effort or can’t wait long, then Dragon fruit plants can also be grown by the propagation method.

Regarding appearance, the Dragon fruit plant has long leaves that are flattened in shape. Their flowers are also in vibrant colors, mostly in white and yellow. With time, these vibrant flowers result in the Dragon fruits. So the dragon fruit Plants are also known as the Desert cactus. Being a cactus plant, it is their main characteristic to have spikes on their outer cover or appearance for survival and protection.

The Dragon Fruit plant and its branches resembling the vines also have soft spikes. Another interesting feature of these dragon fruit plants is that they bloom flowers during the nighttime. So, Dragon Fruit plants are also used as ornamental plants, especially at night.

Spikes of Dragon Fruit Plant

Spikes of Dragon Fruit Plant

Dragon plants, vines, branches, and flowers all have thrones or spikes. The only exception is the particular red dragon fruit plant variety.

As most dragon fruit plant varieties have spikes, handling or maintaining them for home or personal garden usage becomes difficult.

While plucking the dragon fruit, if the throne of dragon fruit is pricked in your hand or skin, pull out the spiky throne and sterilize the wound. Clean it with the help of soap and clean water. Rub some alcohol to eliminate the irritation caused by the throne pricking in the skin. If the wound gets deeper, depending on the throne pricking, cover it with the plaster or health kit stripes to avoid the entrance of dirt.

If the throne breaks into your skin, you have to pull it out with the help of a sterilized needle. Please don’t leave the throne inside the skin by being careless, or it will heal on its own. Bacteria will find a home in your skin, and you may get an infection that will cost you heavily later. The untreated infection might lead to blood poisoning and other health-related issues.

Varieties of The Dragon Fruit

Varieties of The Dragon Fruit

Like the other varieties and fruit differences, the Dragon fruit also has some varieties. And most dragon fruit plant varieties have spikes to save themselves for survival.

The yellow fruits are known as the Dragon Yellow fruit. At the same time, those that are pink in color start getting different colors when they start ripening and are known by different names like the Dragon Purple 8, Dragon Malay Purple, Dragon Fruit Delight, Dragon Fruit Scott’s purple, Dragon Fruit Thai Red, Dragon fruit red crystal, Dragon fruit Trish Red, and many more.

1. Dragon Fruit Spiky Yellow: These fruits are yellow and have small thorns on their outer structure until they completely rip.

2. Dragon Fruit Thai Red: These dragon fruits are imported from the Philippines. These fruits are of medium size, and their plants have a good growth rate.

3. Dragon Fruit Tris Red: These dragon fruit plants are commonly used for home gardening and commercial purposes. Their fruits are sweet in flavor, and they grow quickly.

4. Dragon Fruit Oval White: These dragon fruit plants are also known as aggressive growing plants, used for home and commercial purposes. Their fruits are like the Lychee flavor, and these plants are self-pollinating plants.

5. Dragon fruit Purple 8: These dragon fruit plants are imported from the Philippines. Purple eight dragon plants are fast-growing plants with medium-sized fruit, and their fruit flesh is purple.

Final Thoughts

Dragon fruits are delicate edible items often observed in the marketplace, but how they grow on the plants and their plants are spiky is the circle question several people are curious to know more about.

This post showed you the Dragon fruit plant spiky to help you understand and know more about the dragon fruit plants. If you want more ways to add value to your home’s garden or flowering, experience elegance, sign up and get our best strategies sent to your inbox.

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