There is nothing simpler than using a Hedge trimmer to cut uneven bushes. They are an affordable appliance which makes everything simpler. It comes in a few different types like Electric, Gas powered and cordless and you can choose one depending upon your needs.

Is Hedge Trimmer dangerous? Well, Yes Hedge trimmers are quite easier to operate but it should not be ignored that it can cause some serious damage when it is not used properly and without precaution.

It can cause some serious damage to your hand and there are few heavy injuries involved as well. So, it is very important to use the safety tips we have mentioned below to protect yourself from getting any kind of issue.

Some Tips for safely use a Hedge Trimmer

We have gathered some of the best practical tips which you should take a closer look at and always follow while using a hedge trimmer it includes both – how to use and what to avoid.

So, Let’s begin

Before you start

Before you even start cutting hedge you should clean the workspace a little bit. You should clean lawn debris, garden hoses, and look for any children’s toys stuck inside the bush which can cause an issue later on. You should also remove the dead and loose branches out of your way so you can have a better view of the bush and prevent them from getting in your way. Obstacles like toys and rocks are also dangerous if you trip on them.


A well-maintained machine is a safer machine. Always keep your hedge trimmer in good quality and well maintained. Also, before buying a trimmer make sure it has double-sided blades and a swivel handle with several positions which make it easier to cut at different angles. Whatever type of trimmer you have electric, cordless or petrol keep them in good condition.

Wear Safety Equipment

Don’t underestimate this. Always wear a set of safety equipment while using a hedge trimmer. It seems like an overkill but it is more than necessary than you think of.

A set of equipment should include:

Safety Glasses – To protect your eyes from small branches which trips away. Sometimes when you cut through hedges, small branches can fly and hit your eyes and might cause a serious injury in your eyes.

Boots – This provides good traction with the ground. You should always wear a boot if you are working in a wet condition. When the ground is wet it may cause you to slip and cause some injury.

Full Pants – Do not wear loose clothes because they are easier to cut through. It is recommended to wear tight clothes like jeans while working with such types of equipment.

Long Sleeves – Same goes for the upper part of the body which is closer to the hedge trimmer. Wear a long sleeves shirt So it doesn’t cause an injury to your hand.

Also, make sure to keep your feet, legs, and hands away from the teeth or blades while the trimmer is in operation.

Read the Manual

Always read the complete manual before even turning on the Hedge trimmer. This is common tip from the manufacturer because a few of them who starts using it without reading the manual ends up damaging the machine. If the manual is not available then you can simply call the manufacturer and throw your questions at them and they will be more than happy to help you out. You can also check on an internet forum to look at a perfect solution for your issue.

Don’t use them in Wet weather

Wet weather is extremely dangerous especially when you are using an electric powered hedge trimmer like Gtech hedge trimmer. Water which goes inside the hedge trimmer might cause the appliance to stop working and may sometimes give you an electric shock. So avoid using them even if there is a little rain outside.

Don’t use them alone

Unfortunate things can happen anytime and there should be someone to take care of. We have mentioned a few circumstances on where and what bad can happen while using a Hedge Trimmer. Always keep someone who has a constant sight on you so they can help you with their assistance. So, always keep your eyes open and never work alone.

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