Mountain bikes are generally used to travel through the rough terrains of the mountains. If you are planning to gift yourself some adventure during this pandemic season, then mountain bike riding is the perfect way to blow off the steam. In this article, we talk about the nine best mountain bikes and why you should make one of them yours.

Mountain bicycles share a resemblance with normal cycles, but mountain bikes have a certain kind of feature that allows them to have heavy durability. The difference between a mountain bike and the road bike is that mountain bikes take more time to pedal, and they are slower on the pavement, but their features make them efficient to travel through rough patches, mountain trails, and broader surfaces.

Best Mountain Bikes Reviews

These bicycles are also used for the sports ‘Mountain Biking’. These bikes have a rugged machine with flat handlebars and wide knobby tires for riding thin mud routes. Well, mountain biking has a lot of categories like cross country riding, mountain trail, downhill riding, and dirt jumping. They have a lower gear ratio to climb steep corridors and rear brakes to smooth out the tracks. Mountain bikes are constructed to travel through log piles, rock gardens, gap bumps, and wallrides. This style of bicycle is popular with urban riders and couriers who meet the challenges of covering potholes and dirt roads; this bike allows them to wrap dual disc brakes.

If this is what you are looking for, then go ahead and explore the most recommended mountain bikes. If you are still not sure about the decision then you can check out our buying guide or the frequently asked questions section. Now, let’s dive in!

The Top 9 Recommended Mountain Bike

1. P.chuxin Mountain Bikes

This lightweight bike with a carbon steel frame is designed to give a quality performance with friction to prevent deformation and stretching. They have adjustable and comfortable seats with thickened tires and firm grip.

The materials used in these mountain bikes make it easy to travel through rough terrain or mountain trails or a rock yard. With accurate sizing, you don’t have to worry about accidents. Also, lightweight features make it a more viable option.

The net weight of the bike is 16 kg. The wheel size is 26″ × 1.75.” It comes with 24 inches steel condensed wires.

This bike has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg. It also has a dual front and rear shock absorption system. It comes with a derailleur gearbox equipment for changing the gears during riding.

It comes with non-slip rubber handlebars made of good quality raw material. Its brake type- discs make the bike safer and easy to ride. The parallel bars adapt to pressure road conditions. There is also a double shock absorber to give you comfortable riding even on bumpy roads.

  • Fast and polish shifting with valid positioning
  • Safe and secure
  • It can overcome off-road trails and urban roads
  • Adjustable saddles for the affluent ride with good speed.
  • Tires need special care
  • The inner walls are less resistant to shock waves

2. Schwinn Surge Mountain Bikes

These bikes are stiff, reliable, and give you a fast ride. They have lightweight that can quickly strike down a path laden with hardships. It comes with an aluminum frame and black and orange graphics.

These bicycles are about 95% assembled and will require only a 5% of your effort for the final assembling. It has an excellent geometry that allows a comfortable journey and stability to the core.

This bike comes with 17 inches 6061 aluminum frame that is 26″ alloy. It also has seven rotational shifters for a gear change. It also has cable-actuated disc brakes and comes with suspension forks.

You can also find a fitted side bracket mount with a back mudguard and bottle cage structure. The double-wall rims help in a good balance. You can travel through any terrain with maximum fragility and speed using this bike. In fact, the geometry of the bike helps the rider to have a smooth journey to any part of the world.

The bike is 189 cm high, 729 cm wide, and 1370 cm in length with a wheel size of 26 cm and a net weight of 15.5 kg.

  • Suspension forks provide support in the front
  • Designed for safety and enjoyment for the riders.
  • Offers control and stability</li
  • Mediocre breaks
  • Only useful for first-time riders
  • Quite risky for the downhill ride
  • Tyre pumps are not given with the equipment set.
  • The front-wheel might wobble during rides.

3. Eurobike Mountain Bikes

These bikes are perfect for beginners who just started riding. It is just an entry-level road bike with optimal control. It has dual disc brakes that allow safe travel. This bicycle comes with 85% assemblage rest; you have to install the front wheel, pedals, and seats—dual disc brake system with steel frame material. The wheel size is almost 27.5 inches with a 21-speed rating on the scale. It also comes with a mini bicycle pump. It comes with regular spoked wheels that allow it to travel through many rough terrains and off-road riding but not downhill rides.

The euro mountain bike comes with dual disc brakes. It is lightweight and ensures fast travel. This bike is equipped with 27.5 inches wheels. It also has a 21-speed shifting system. It has a frame size of 17 inches. It also has a frame material of steel, and the net weight accumulates to 18.0 KG. There are also twofold aluminum walls with a steel suspension fork.

And high-quality non-slip handlebars. The frame height is 17 inches.

  • Adjustable and comfortable saddles
  • Dual disc brakes save you from the risk of meeting an accident
  • Tools come in the package only
  • These are only suitable for bikers who have just started
  • Not safe for downhill ride or any extra adventurous rides
  • Assembling might be hectic

4. Heatle Mountain bikes

These bikes are light in weight and can be folded and kept in the rack if you don’t want to use it, or if it is taking too much space. It’s a premium quality bike that is suitable for the crowd. It is also very durable and one of the best sellers on this list.

It is made of environment-friendly materials and can be used for both on and off-road cycling. It comes with a v-break that allows you to accelerate smoothly yet speedily. All of its features combine to make it a bike suitable for everyone – from students to professionals. Using this bike, you can escort yourself safely to work and cover any terrain skillfully.

This incredible mountain bike has moisture-proof, soft, and comfortable saddles. It is made of aluminum alloy and has 26-inch high tensile strength steel frame products. It has a suitable streamline frame. It also has a bottle of carriage to make sure you stay hydrated. However, it might take some time to assemble the the bicycle, it comes 70% packaged and the rest you have to do.

  • Suitable for any kind of riders starting from students to professional
  • It is durable
  • You don’t have to worry about the lock systems.
  • Not that good for rugged terrain
  • Lightweight might cause you to put additional pounds to save your bike from the hedge.

5. YunYou Mountain Bike

YunYou Mountain bikes are 26-inch, 21-speed mountain bikes efficient for safe travel. It has an aluminum alloy used in the material. With carbon steel for a healthy body suitable for long rides. Hardtail brake and adjustable seat post.

These bicycles come with a 95% package and require only a 5% effort for the final assembly. It has an excellent geometry that allows a comfortable journey and stability to the core.

The YunYou mountain bike has a high carbon steel frame. This is equipped with a dual disc brake and is a hardtail bike. It also has an adjustable seat. The bike comes with a lock, so you don’t have to be worried about them in public places.

This bike has high tensile strength and uses thickened pipe walls. It also has a suspension fork and a rear suspension fork. The bike also has a gunmetal alloy small frame, which is very lightweight.

  • Has a streamlined body
  • Strong load capability
  • Efficiency pedals
  • Students or middle-aged people can use
  • Environmentally friendly to use.
  • None

6. N||A mountain bikes

This bike is made of a carbon steel frame that ensures smooth travel, one of the reasons these have been the best sellers for quite some time now.

It is an adult bike with a streamlined body and efficient speed rating that is 21-speed rotational shifting. It is a classic fit for everyone.

This mountain bike has a carbon steel frame and has a 17 kg net weight. It has a streamlined body with a great disc brake that ensures one hundred percent safety. It comes with derailleur gearbox equipment for changing the gears during riding which adds to the convenience.

This bike has perfect pedals, and seat post diameter can be adjusted according to your taste; you like to have it. It also has adjustable seats, which will enable you to have an engaging ride.

  • It can overcome off-road trails and urban roads
  • Adjustable saddles for the affluent ride with good speed.
  • Value for money
  • might face a problem with the alignment
  • can take a day to assemble the rest of the parts correctly.

7. Barracuda Draco 4 29r Bike

Barracuda Draco unisex bikes have a high-quality frame and useful performance-oriented features with an impartial handling system. It’s a geometrical response that gives you the right kind of balance. That is, you can travel through any terrain with optimal handling at any means.

It is an adult bike with a streamlined body and efficient speed rating that is 21-speed rotational shifting. It is a classic fit for everyone. It comes with disc brakes that ensure safety no matter what.

The Barracuda bikes come with 29er geometry. The firm-wide wheels are ideal for traveling fast on off-road. Moreover, you can travel at any speed on any terrain with this bike. It is equipped with an adjustable gear system that is a 24-speed gear system.

The barracuda bike has a 6061 aluminum hydroformed frame and 29 er suspension forks rear and back. Despite the features, the bike is surprisingly affordable.

  • Good for a downhill travel
  • Ensures safe travel
  • Provides value for money
  • Take special care of the tire
  • Adjusting might take some time

8. Good Adult Mountain Bikes

This unisex and balanced mountain bike comes with 26-inch wheels, 21-speed full-suspension, and dual disc. It’s a hardtail mountain bike. It has magnesium wheels and stylish rims for safety and sound travel. It has aluminum alloy used in the material, with carbon steel for a strong body suitable for long rides. This is a perfect brand for the bicycle to buy.

This bike is light and durable to support a wonderful experience. It also has a 21-speed gear 26 inches 6 spoke rims with pedals. The bike is suitable for every kind of rider, starting from beginners to professionals.

The front and back disc brakes quickly release the pressure, and the high-end suspension ensures a good riding experience. Carbon steel is used for safety. It also uses break style linear-pull and disc to give a fascinating riding experience.

  • Lightweight and fast travel
  • The brake system is one of the most efficient ones ever made
  • Value for money
  • Headgear also provided
  • Suitable for a downhill travel
  • The pedals might not be very suitable for everyone
  • Take special care of the tyres

9. Heatle Carbon Steel Mountain Bike

This mountain bike is made of a carbon steel frame and a streamlined body. Disc brakes allow safe travel and magnesium wheels and good worth for money.

This Heatle mountain bike has a streamlined body and highly durable magnesium wheels. The wonderfully designed bottle carriage supports adventure rides.

The high-end suspension gives you a fascinating ride. The very efficient speed rating helps you keep track of the journey. The optimal distance between the seat post and the pedals ensures a comfortable ride. Moreover, the bike comes with a dual front and rear shock absorption system.

The manufacturers guarantee safety while traveling, more so because it can easily overcome any kind of terrain. The net weight of the bike is 16 kgs, while the wheel size is 26 inch*1.75 inch. The bike has a maximum load capacity of 120 kg while it comprises 24 inches of steel condensed wires.

On the downside, the brakes are not entirely suitable for downhill travel; more some reviews say that its quality starts degrading after the first use,

  • Can easily overcome any terrain
  • Value of money
  • Non-slip rubber handlebars, good quality raw material
  • Will require heavy energy and strength to travel.
  • Tire pumps are not given with the equipment set.
  • The front-wheel might wobble during rides.

Buyer’s Guide – Mountain Bikes

You will find many different types of mountain bikes when you go out to hunt for one. All those bikes are suited for all sorts of road disciplines. Picking the right kind of bike is a little tricky, especially if you don’t know much about mountain bikes.

That’s where this buying guide comes in the picture; we will help you find a bike that is perfect for you. To help you make the right decision, here are some features that you should be on the lookout for on your bike.

All the different kinds of mountain bikes available in the market share one thing in common – versatility. They all can conquer different kinds of terrains – from muddle single-track to tarmac. However, their different setups make them all different from each other.

To suit a wide variety of terrains, mountain bikes have bump-eating suspension and high-volume tires – the two features that are usually missing from road bikes. These two features are responsible for giving the bike more traction and, at the same time, making the ride comfortable for rocky trails.

Mountain bikes come with a wealth of other features; however, all those features differ with the kind of bike you choose. Each bike is optimized for a particular type of terrain.

The three main types of bikes available are-

  1. Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bikes are designed for gliding up and down the ascents and the descents, with an unparalleled level of confidence and, most importantly, speed.

These bikes often have both the front and the rear suspension, making it easier for you to ride them fast even in the most technical descents. Trail bikes are also very lightweight and, at the same time, stiff owing to the built-in suspension lock feature. This reduces the suspension compression so that the maximum possible power you put on the pedals is transferred to the wheels. Further, this amount of control means that the climb up as swiftly as they can climb down.

Frail bikes are also known for their frame design and geometry. The best bikes have the right amount of slackness in their head angle that inspires confidence in the riders during descents, but not too much either; otherwise, they will start to feel unresponsive and slow.

The wheel sizes for trail bikes are several, but the most popular sizes are 27.5” and 29”.

  1. Cross Country Mountain Bikes

When we talk about the pedaling efficiency and speed on the off-road terrain, you cannot beat the cross-country mountain bikes. They have lightweight built and aggressive angles on their big 29” wheels that can carry the bikes over any kind of surface. These bikes are some of the best-known bikes for racing off the road.

Cross-country bikes are also hardtail bikes with their suspension located on the front-end of the bike. This means that you would not be getting any big jumps any time soon while driving these bikes. However, this is not what these bikes are designed for. These bikes have a rigid end making them stiffer; this means you can push more power to the bikes through the pedals. The bikes with rear suspension are a fair middle ground between a cross country and a trail bike. I

It is a combination of speed and agility combined with the prowess of trail bikes.

The bikes are also far more efficient, letting you ride for a whole lot longer than most other bikes. 29” is a popular wheel size available for these bikes.

  1. Enduro or Downhill Mountain Bikes

Enduro Mountain Bikes are designed for shredding gnarly descents at hair-raising speeds, channeling a super-slack frame design, long reach to descend at a greater speed, and wide wheelbase. These bikes are perfect for racing with as they are optimised for flying downhill; however, you won’t be winning any uphill battles on these bikes anytime soon.

These bikes are a little different from both the bikes mentioned above; they are meant to excel in the Enduro race discipline. Enduro race discipline is a type of mountain biking event that combines climbs and timed descents into one super-packed event. Both these elements are built with descending in mind; both sport a massive suspension in the fork, rear, and frame to absorb all the high-impact hits.

When it comes to these bikes, their wheel size is different, but most professionals choose 27.5” wheels.

Frame Materials

Choosing a frame for your mountain bike is another important decision that you must not overlook. Different types of riding need different kinds of materials, so it becomes all the more important to be vigilant while choosing.

The three most common types of bike framing materials are –

  1. Steel
  2. Aluminium
  3. Carbon

Each of these materials comes with their own set of pros and cons, and you will have to weigh all of those before making a final decision.

  1. Steel

Steel frames are known for their durability and comfort. It helps that steel is extremely compliant and absorbs a lot of chatter and buzz from the trail, giving you comfortable riding experience. However, it is heavy, so if you want to fly up steep, off-road inclines, then steel is not your frame material.

  1. Aluminium

In the world of mountain biking, aluminum is the most common frame material, thanks to its all-round performance qualities. It is lightweight, still, and at the same time, compliant, durable, and power-efficient, making it the perfect framing material. However, there are lots of different kinds of aluminum that vary in performance and price. But that only means you have a lot of choices.

  1. Carbon

If you are looking for the stiffest and the lightest material, then carbon is your go-to material. It is relatively new to the world of mountain biking, but ever since it came into the industry, it has taken off. The material offers excellent performance as compared to the two other materials we have discussed. However, it is also the most expensive fiber, so if you are planning on winning any races, there is a huge price you have to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mountain Bikes

1. What is the Right Size to Buy a Mountain Bike?

Companies, on the whole, manufacture every kind of size in mountain bikes starting from small to medium to large. Don’t always rely on the company’s stated size because one company’s large size can equate to its medium size. Don’t go for huge size. Just look for a few centimeters that will help you in easy pedaling without extending the seat height.

2. Do I Have to Worry About the Weight of the Bicycle?

Weight is an essential factor, but in off-road cycling or mountain trails, strength is more important because you have to pedal a lot on mountains’ pavement. It is wonderful to carry some extra pounds to keep your bicycle off the danger.

3. What Do I Have to Choose, the Suspension Quality or Quantity?

Always select suspension quality over suspension quantity. You can check the fork and rear suspension of the product from the shop or the site you are buying from. Quality damping and decent air will do better than any additional extra feature for travel.

4. What design should I look for when buying a mountain bike?

Always look for future proof design. Check the diameters and spacing from a renowned company. Also, review the seat post, headset, and bottom bracket diameter. The future proof design will help you carry your old bicycle anywhere you want with a lustrous and efficient model.

5. What Budget Should I Go for?

So you need to buy a budget-friendly bike that will be environmentally friendly. This won’t cause a hole in your pocket. You will have to spend money on additional accessories later on like headgears, shifting gears, saddles and shoes or good pedals so from the start only you can save money on the buying of the bike.

6. How Do I Select a Perfect Wheel Size?

Look for wide wheels but lightweight ones because that will allow you to cover any distance with joy. Strong, stiff, and light wheels are already in demand. Plus-size wheels can pay off the challenging trails and reduce the pressure—pair 29˝ reels with 17.5˝ and larger bikes, and better-fitting 27.5˝ wheels for 15.5˝ and minor cycles. Looking for the fastest and most efficient XC bikes will be ready to roll with Smart Wheel Size.

7. Can We Use Mountain Bikes on Normal Roads as an Alternative?

Yes, mountain bikes are designed in a way that you can use it both on normal roads and Mountain trails. These bikes have high efficiency to travel through any geographic pattern with full strength. Normally a road bike can’t help you travel downhill, but a mountain bike can suffice both your needs.

8. I Have Just Started Riding; What Kind of Bikes Do I Need?

If you have just begun mountain biking, you don’t have to invest a hefty amount of money on your first bike because this type of sport harms the beginner’s bike. A normal bike with good pedals, wide wheels would meet your requirements for the first bike. You can also ride second-hand bikes during your practicing days.

9. Should I Bother About Shifting Gears?

Yes, you should be concerned arms, about shifting gears because using a variety of gears helps you to be an efficient biker. To adjust to a perfect gear, you need to travel a lot and then look for your ideal gear that one you are comfortable with.

10. What Kind of Pedals Do I Need?

For beginners, it is always best to travel with flat pedals. There is no need to ride with clipless pedals and cause havoc. As you progress with your riding, you can easily tell if you are comfortable with flat pedals or you want to try clipless pedals.


Buying a mountain bike is a massive investment, and there are millions of brands out in the vicinity, but you don’t have to rush and make a decision in a hurry. In this article, we have displayed the brands and the top-notch bicycle that are easily available and, at the same time, affordable.

The difference between a mountain bike and a road bike is just that mountain bikes take time to pedal. No bicycle comes with only a set of pros; both have negative remarks as well, but it is your duty as a buyer to look for the optimal amount of cons and buy the best out there. You have to harvest your value for money while buying these mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are constructed to travel through a rock garden, gap bumps, and wallrides.

We hope the article helped you picked out the bike that is perfect for you; for more information, you can either check out our buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions section or drop a comment below.


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