There is nothing better than a real fire and its sensational glow on a cold winter night. People have been using a wood-burning stove as a supplementary heat source for thousands of years. It is one of the smartest purchases you can make to improve your home. It is a straightforward, convenient, and efficient way to heat your room. If you love to light the wood on fire and watch the flames roar, then you must install one of these in your home.

The Wood Burning Stone is made from Cast iron, which looks fantastic and is very sturdy. Most of the time, it is full cast iron construction with brass fitting. It features a grate, ash pan, and has air vents on the top and rear position that can also be controlled. You also get a high-temperature glass door to enjoy the flames of burning wood. The fuel grate can also be used to burn coal in the stove, and you can remove it to fit large pieces of logs inside.

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So, if you are in the market looking for the best wood burning stove, then you have landed on the right page. Selecting the right product for you can be a little complicated since there are a lot of factors to consider. There is a lot of variety when it comes to wood stoves, and you surely don’t want to miss out on essential details. So to make your winter happy, we have prepared a list of best wood burning stoves you can buy right now in the UK along with a dedicated buyer’s guide to help you pick the right product.

 Best Wood Burning Stove

Best Wood Burning Stoves Reviews 2021

Take a look at the list below to find the top 5 best wood-burning stoves recommendations on the market. We have thoroughly compared the crucial factors such as design, size, construction, and, most importantly, the price. We have prepared this list with a lot of research and testing, so you get to choose between the best products. We also receive a small amount of commission if the purchase has been made from our links.

1. Lincsfire Saxilby JA013

The first product on the list is Lincsfire Saxilby JA013 6.5KW Multifuel Woodburning Stove from the Brand Lincs Fire. It is one of the famous and renowned brands when it comes to large home appliances in the UK. They have a large variety of successful products, and this one is no exception. Aesthetically, this wood, burning stove, looks fantastic. It features a full cast construction of new high quality cast iron material, which ensures its long life and becomes more value for money.

The heat output is 6.5KW and can quickly heat a medium-sized room and will further continue spreading the heat to the rest of the house. The product is CE certified and can burn logs or charcoal. You get the choice to pick between multiple fuels, which is a good thing. It has a super air wash system that keeps the front glass heat resistant by cleaning up the glass automatically for the best view of the fire. One of the things we liked in this product is Advanced slow-burning technology, which provides 80% burning efficiency.

Lincsfire 5KW Multifuel Stove Eco Design Wood Burner Burning Fireplace, Black, 443(W) x 339(D) x 575(H) mm
  • Constructured of new high quality cast iron with long lifespan.
  • DEFRA Approved-This stove has been tested and approved to burn wood in smoke controlled zones.
  • Eco Design-Pre-heated air wash system to help keep the glass clean.

Apart from these features, you also get Airflow control if you want the stove running overnight. Cleaning this Wood Stove burner is also very easy. You get a Removable ash pan, which makes the cleaning process simple, and it only requires minor assembly so you can disassemble it in a few simple and clean it from inside. The weight of the product is 65KG, and it comes with a year warranty, which is appreciated. Keep in mind that the Flue Pipe is not included in the package.

  • High-Quality Cast Iron Construction
  • CE Certified
  • Easy to Clean
  • Only suitable for a medium-sized room

2. FoxHunter Hillford JA013S

The next product on the list is from the House of FoxHunter. This one has one of the best designs among other products on the list. The Wood Burner Stove looks traditional with its unusual patterns and solid brass handles. All crafted from the most beautiful cast iron construction. Trust me! This stove will give your room a classic look and feel alongside keeping the room warm and cozy during the cold winter nights. You get multiple fuel options as this burner is suitable for both wood and coal.

This wood-burning stove is built to last longer. It is featuring the German-engineered high-temperature Robax glass. This product is also CE Certified by an independent certified UK Test House. You get an ash pan, air vent control with two options, rear, and top facing flue positions. Not to forget! It also features a Free Heat Proof MIT. This stove has a metal CE plate fitted on the rear. The burning capacity on this one is 5.5KW, which is excellent for a small to medium-sized room.

Keeping the burner running for a little longer will allow the heat to spread across other corners of the house. The specific design features specially placed vents that draw in cold air from the room and then heat it and wash over the inner side of the glass, which helps to keep it clean. When the glass is clean, you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the glow and flames. If you are looking for something which will last you longer and still on a budget, then this FoxHunter Wood Burner Stove deserves a closer look.

  • Full Cast Iron Construction with Brass Handles
  • The product is made to last longer
  • Air Wash System keeps the Glass Clean
  • Not suitable for a large room

3.Lincsfire Harmston JA013S

Moving further on the list, we have another great Wood Burning Stove from the brand Lincs Fire. This time it is Lincsfire Harmston JA013S, which has a heat output of 5.5 KW. This product is slightly cheaper than the previous one; however, the price keeps fluctuating. It can quickly heat a medium-size room, and you can relax, and warmth and the pleasing scene of slowly burning wood from the factory fitted German ‘Robax’ High-Temperature Glassdoor. Now let’s talk about the design.

The look and feel of this wood burner are very similar to that of the FoxHunter Hillford. It has the High-Quality Cast Iron Construction and is CE Certified. It also comes with 1 Year of Manufacturer Warranty so you can expect this to have a long lifespan. It has multiple fuel options, and you can burn Logs and Charcoal. The Super Airwash System keeps the front Glass Heat Resistant so you can have a better view of the fire. You also get Heat Resistant Gloves included in the package.

Apart from this, there are several other features as well. The Airflow Control System allows overnight burning, and the Advanced Slow Burning Technology makes sure that the burner is giving high efficiency, nearly 80%, which is fantastic. You have the option to remove the ash pan for making the cleaning process much more comfortable. There are two flue positions, rear, and top. The flue collar is also included. Finally, the weight of this product is around 55KGs, and it requires only minor assembly.

  • Traditional Eye Pleasing Design
  • 5.5KW Heat Output
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Heating a large room will be difficult

4. Cast Iron JA006

Next up on the list is a High-end Burner from the Seller KMS. This product is a little expensive as compared to others; however, it also offers some extra features. Starting with the Heat Capacity, you get 12KW, which is double that of previous products on the list. You can quickly expect this to heat up a large room in a small amount of time. This type of stoves typically sell for more than £599 in shops, so you get a better value buying this.

Talking about the design, you get a Big Size and a Big Capacity Stove with a traditional design and Robust Build quality. It has a full cast iron construction along with inner cast lining. On the rear side, it is fitted with the metal CE plate. The popular Bow Pattern design looks fantastic, and there are two door openings so you can easily enjoy the fire. The Handles are made with Wood and Plated with Chrome to give them a traditional finish.

Cast Iron Log Wood Burner Stove JA006 12KW Multifuel Fire Place
  • Popular BOW Pattern. Great design & build. 'Airwash' system. 2 opening doors - opening 49cm wide x...
  • Height 62.5cm/24.6",Width 59cm/23.2",Depth 43cm/17"(Depth not including step 34cm).Weight 95kg,Heat...
  • Stove has metal CE plate fitted on rear. Suitable for wood/Coal burning only.

You can burn two types of fuels in this Wood Stove Burner, mainly Wood and Coal. Moving on to the special features, you get Good Sized Cast to log grate along with the Airwash System Plate. To make sure you get the view of the fire, it is fitted with Factory Fitted German ‘Robax Schott’ High-Temperature Glass. Apart from these, you get Ash Pan with Handle included in the package, Air Vent Control System, and There are two flue positions, Rear and Top.

  • 12KW heat output, Cooling a large room is not an issue
  • Feature Packed
  • Factory fitted German ‘Robax Schott’ high-temperature glass
  • 95KG Weight so moving it might be difficult


The last product on the list is from the Seller CIDBEST, and this product has an entirely different look as compared to other products on the list. It also shares a slightly different set of features. Let’s start with the design first. It has a Traditional Oven shaped design, which looks very eye-pleasing. It has Durable thick steel quality construction, and the company is committed to a lifetime warranty. It is an excellent Multi Fuel Wood Burning Stove.

The door bolt is fastened by Steel bar with caps, more firm. High-quality heat resistant Viewing Schott glass with the maximum fireproofing temperature of 1200 Centigrade. It is coated with Black heat- resistant paint with an ability of 800 degrees Centigrade”High-Temperature Resistance,” which gives you a safe and comfortable environment. You can burn two different fuels in it, which are Wood and Smokeless Coal.

Life Time Warranty 9KW Efficiency 81% Cast Iron Burning Stove Log Multifuel Wood Coal
  • Durable thick steel quality and construction. So we can committed to Life Time Warranty!
  • Air wash system and secondary burn,Fitted with German made "SCHOTT" brand high temperature glass.
  • Built-in ash pan for easy removal of ashes, Effective seal prevents smoke leaking

This Wood Burning Stove is CE Certified and includes Chimney Cover, Ashpan, Multi-fuel grate, and Ash Pan tool/hook. It has a top and rear flue connector and needs a 6-inch Diameter Flue. However, the flue is not included in the package. The Adjustable Air Damper means only a little or even smog will escape from the stove. This Wood Burning Stove is very efficient as it comes with the heat output of 9KW, and the effective rate here is around 81%, which is fantastic.

  • 9KW Heat Output, Enough for a large room
  • Traditional Design, Thick Steel Construction
  • Heat Resistant Paint along with Schott Glass Door
  • It is on the heavier side so lifting it will be an issue

Wood Burning Stove Buying Guide

There are a lot of different kinds of Wood Burning Stoves available in the market, and most of the time, they will look for something which is on sale and misses out on the essential details and eventually buys an inefficient stove. So, to make your winter happy, here’s a detailed buyer’s guide, which will guide you on the crucial details on how to buy the right Wood Burning Stove.

Stove Size

This is one of the critical factors you must consider. Buying a Wood Burning Stove too small as required by the room won’t warm the room efficiently, and on the other hand, buying a larger stove will be too overkill, and you need to keep the window open all the time. You must find the right-sized burner. You are considering the size of your room. Stove sizes are generally measured in Kilowatts (KW) and range from 3KW and go up to 15KW. We suggest you get 3 to 5KW stove for a Small/Medium Sized Room, 6 to 9KW stove for a Medium/Large Sized Room, and 9 to 12KW Stove for a Large Room/Hall.


Efficiency is something that decides the overall cost of the product in the long run. If you buy a cheap product which is inefficient, then you will eventually pay a large amount of money in the long run. Higher efficiency means you will spend less amount of money on the wood and there is less work required for chopping and hauling the wood. We suggest you look for a Stove which has 70% or Above efficiency as listed by EPA. This will help you get more bang for your bucks.

Material Used

There are mainly two types of material the Wood Burning Stove comes in – Cast Iron and Steel. You must make your preference around these two materials before making the buying decision. Both of them come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Cast Iron – Stoves made out of Cast Iron are usually very decorating in terms of design. They also come in a variety of color options to suit the interior decoration of your room. Some of the various color options you can get are Porcelain Black, Classic Black, Porcelain Mahogany, and Porcelain Dark Blue. It can retain heat for a longer time even after the fire goes out; however, they are usually costlier in cost as compared to steel wood-burning stoves.

Steel Stoves – This type of material heats up very quickly and is usually less expensive as compared to cast iron. So you can expect the price of a Wood Burning stove made of steel to be much affordable. They are also very streamlined when it comes to appearance and hence mostly appear black.


Wood-burning stove costs a decent amount of money, and generally, they are not cheap. However, they are worth every penny if invested in the right stove. There are three main costs involved while buying a furnace. They are the stove itself, the cost of installation, and the fuel.

Stoves start at £400 for entry-level models and go as high as £2,000 for some high-end models. The cheaper ones might be questionable when it comes to quality and efficiency, but expensive things are not always good as you might think. You must invest in a stove that packs all the features as required by you. Which means you only pay for what you need.

Most of the stoves we have on our list are the portable ones, and they do not cost a lot of money for the installation. Once the stove is spelled, the only thing which is left is the fuel. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to have logs of wood for free, but for others, the prices may vary depending upon the type of wood and the area they are living in.


Everything we own needs maintenance at some point. It is a great idea to get the chimney swept before every burning season. You can also do it even more frequently when you encounter any problems. This can be DIY, but we recommend you hire a professional. Nowadays there is more wood-burning stove getting sold so you can also expect the professionals to stay busy. Getting a scheduled appointment beforehand sounds like a smart move.

Frequently Asked Questions Wood Burning Stove

Q. Who can install my log burner?

If you are a DIY guy, then you should do it yourself and save some bucks. However, it will be a little easier if you just call a professional as they will do things as per the UK Building Regulations. You can also hire government recognized specialists. a

Q. Will a wood burner save me money?

Wood burners can surely save you money because most of us are going to use it to heat their room, and when you are only heating the place you are staying, not the entire home, you will save money. However, when it comes to heating the whole home, then the Gas Central Heating system is cheaper as compared to Wood Burning Stove.

Q. What wood should I buy?

Keep in mind that the wood which has been recently cut from the tree contains around 35 to 55% water and they are not suitable for Wood Burning Stoves, avoid them. You can buy green juice and use it on the stove after drying it. As for the best wood, that would always be the well-seasoned hardwood logs.

Q. Can I still have a wood burner if I don’t have a chimney?

You might have heard about this, there is no smoke without fire, and there is no fire without smoke. Burning Woods in the wood-burning stove causes smoke, and that has to go somewhere. You can not have a wood burner without a chimney. In case you already have a traditional one installed in your home, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you can have the insulated stainless pipe fitted on the wall of the roof that will guide the smoke out of your home.

Q. How long will a stove burn a load of wood?

Wood burning stoves come with a burning time, which is usually between eight to 49 hours. Keep in mind that these numbers vary from model to model and the type of wood being burned inside the stove. There are other factors as well, such as moisture content, the forest, and the size of the wood log. Wood burners also come with a burn rate control feature, which provides air to the fire where needed depending upon the amount of heat you want.


Technology is evolving day by day, and we get to see many improvements in simple home appliances such as wood-burning stoves as well. They are becoming smart and come packed with many different modern features. A wood-burning stove can bring you great peace of mind in the cold winter days, especially when you place your bet on the right product.

Choosing the best wood burning stove is a straightforward, simple look for the features you want and the size of the room you want to heat. Hopefully, our list for some of the handpicked products and a dedicated buying guide helped you make the perfect buying decision. Now you can relax and enjoy with your family. We will be back with another update soon.

In case you have any more queries, then don’t hesitate to shoot them at us, and we will try our best to help you out. You can leave them in comments or email us as well. Bye and take care!

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