Mhmm! Now thats something tough to look upto. Is it fine if someone pings you or brings up something on your homely fence? What do you think? We all have different mentalities, which therefore leads to different judgments by the eyesight! But in this case whether ill allow a neighbour to attach or nail something to my fence or not has many such subject categories or criterias. How about giving it a look below!

What If the Fence Falls Under My Property Line?

Well, what if? Honestly speaking, if the fence is 100% under my property, the answer shall be declared no from my side, but at the same time it is needful to know what they are pinning on it! In fact, it is very visually important to know what it is about.

Of course, you can be well and polite to them by allowing them to do so on their side of the same fence, but you should still consider its your own capital that you invested in the making of the fence on your property, and somehow and someone else doing or scrapping on it would not be good or nice to see.

But meanwhile at the same context we can surely show some softness and allow them to pin on the other side, the side towards them, right!

Should You Be Considerate Towards the Humans Staying A Fence Apart?

Gladly, thats always a concern! Is it fine to deny or should it be a yes to their request? Your answer is maybe. It is totally out of gratitude to the neighbours that you would allow them to do so, maybe it is some important centre of necessity or maybe it would be preferably great for the children in their home or maybe it is to the decorative grounds they plan for? Too many maybes, but still maybe is the quite fine-looking answer.

Not always our fate leads to amazing neighborhood, but if yours are so, then definitely you should allow them. Instead, you can always help them with the fence job too. But being nice is the main perspective here! Not always people are nice neither would everyone allow to use their property stuffs, so there you go, a whole new protagonist it seems!

How Precise Such Topics Become! Is It Not So?

We do have those neighbours who does not cares or probably behaves like having no such idea of people being around! By the same thing comes up with people who does not takes any permission before hampering your own property, no arguments, but respecting is a responsibility and not a duty, you cannot allow help to these beings. It is very important and a very decent manner to ask for permission before barging, the owner may or may not like your deeds! Now that is point number one.

Noting number two, it also depends on where the fence is located, in your property line, or between both the neighbour’s and your property line or theirs? It is very much mandatory to keep a check on that. Allowance should be held in such a way that if any problem occurs, the opponent cannot proceed to leave the matter and blame only you or he / she cannot refuse your saying about the permission.  It should be fought by both the owners at time.

If the fence lies fully under your property line, in this case, your neighbour should bring it to your notice as a request to some deed of their own towards your fence and shall abide by your words with respect.

If allowance is granted, it shall be made sure that anything done on the other side rather their side of the fence, no particle or damage should state to appear or emerge through your part of the side.

Having the point of fact in your mind, that you paid for the fencing, it is not for anyone to just merge in their thoughts to your personal identities. Make sure they do not destroy your part in the process.

Another point to be kept under eyes of concern is it is a fence and not a barrier between the two houses. Keeping the lines under survey is not a rule.

The conclusion is to make sure even if you grant the permission, it should be taken care of, with respect and gratitude towards your allowance, no damage should be emerged as its your own potential fence, that you pay for that. By damage means, the fence should not fall off under any circumstances or mistake. 

By all these, you will not only rock being neighbours, but also help each other by needs in times. Hope you will agree to my opinion! Thank you for reading!

Thomas Cooper

Thomas Cooper, a legal expert specializing in neighborly disputes, brings over two decades of experience in mediation and conflict resolution. Educated at the University of Oxford with a degree in Law, Oliver has dedicated his career to navigating complex legal challenges with a focus on community mediation. His work, often featured in legal journals and community forums, offers a balanced view of legal rights and community spirit, helping readers navigate the complexities of neighborly interactions with legal precision and a human touch.

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